If you are looking for a best cardiologist in Maryland due to your abnormal heart condition or blood pressure, you should always do proper research about any nearest cardiologist having ample amount of experience related to it. Any wise cardiologist would not directly recommend the complex treatments but he/she may guide you the basic daily care routines that may get you away from any possible heart disaster. For example, if you are in an initial phase of high cholesterol and high blood pressure, you may be guided to have a healthy diet plan and mild exercises along with some compression stockings to improve the overall blood circulation. There are different types of compression socks in the market that you must know about; especially, you must know all about women ‘s compression stockings because they need it more than men. Otherwise, visit our online store to buy compression stockings in Bethesda, MD to have proper guidance about them.

There are many top cardiologists in Maryland to guide you about the importance of compression stockings, workout and a healthy diet, so you should not hesitate meeting with them for an initial consultation if you ever feel a chest pain or a faster heart beat.

When Do You Need to Meet a Cardiologist?

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To get a proper checkup and care of your valuable heart, it’s very important to meet a top cardiologist. A best cardiologist in Maryland may do a detailed checkup of your heart and the blood flow. Normally, people see a top cardiologist in Maryland after facing a worse heart condition; unfortunately, it is too late to see the best cardiologists in Maryland.

There are many other notable symptoms that may appear as an alarm for you to see a top cardiologist in Maryland. Following are some of the important symptoms urging us to meet a cardiologist before it’s too late.

  • If you ever feel even a minor pain in your heart or chest, you can see a cardiologist to be sure about whether it is due to abnormal heart rate or any other chest infection.
  • If you have already faced an abnormal blood pressure, you should see a cardiologist as soon as possible instead of just taking medications for blood pressure and waiting for a deadly heart attack.
  • If you are facing a short breath or any kind of dizziness for the past few weeks, it is the right time to see a cardiologist to know about any possible heart disease.
  • If there is a high cholesterol level in your body, it may disturb the arteries by contributing plaque in them. So, a cholesterol level is a sure sign of the need of meeting with a top cardiologist in Maryland.
  • If you have a chronic kidney disease, there is a higher chance of getting a heart disease in the near future, so it is in your own hand to prevent any possible heart disease by meeting with a cardiologist as soon as possible.
  • If your family has a bad history of heart disease then there is a higher possibility of having a genetic heart disease whatsoever, so please consult your nearest cardiologists to have proper preventive guidance.
  • If you are above 40 and you start to reinitiate your tough workout routine, you must meet with any of the nearest cardiologists in Maryland to have a detailed checkup of your blood pressure, arteries and other linked organs to have a yes or no to an intense workout.

Lets Know Best Cardiologists in Maryland as You Said

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You can consider any of the following best cardiologists in the whole Maryland depending upon your nearest city.

Dr. Amir H. Najafi

Dr. Amir H. Najafi is surely among the best cardiologists in Baltimore, Md. He is rated 6 times as top doctor by Batimore magazine and is highly rated even in Google search results having 53 five star reviews. He is a board-certified interventional cardiologist having a solid grip in performing nuclear stress tests, echocardiograms, diagnostic angiograms, coronary interventions and structural heart procedures.

Dr. John P. Hakim

Another tough contender for the best cardiologist in Maryland is Dr. John P. Hakim, who has received his medical degree from Johns Hopkins University and he has a practical experience of more than 20 years. He is expert in diagnosing congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart rhythm disorders and heart failure.

Dr. Jerald Insel

He is one of the best cardiologists in Parkville, MD. He always gives honest advice and only suggests the expensive tests when they are needed.

Top 10 Cardiologists in Maryalnd According to Local Reviews

Other than these 3, there are many other top cardiologists in Maryland in various cities of Maryland. So, you can go for any of the following top 10 cardiologists in Maryland according to published reviews on Google local search results.

  • Amir H. Najafi
  • John P. Hakim
  • Jerald Insel
  • Terence R. Berteley
  • Raymond H. Plack
  • Cynthia G. Crawford-Green
  • Balbara L. Bean
  • Hugh G. Calkins
  • Stephen J. Plantholt
  • Khalid H. Ashai

How Do I Find a Good Cardiologist Near Me?

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First of all you should take advice or consultations with your local friends, relatives or your local doctors about the best cardiologists in the town.

Secondly, you should start your online search with “top cardiologists near me” on Google and then Google is going to get you the most relevant nearest cardiologists near you based on their experience, published reviews and the nearest location. Furthermore, you can make it more precise and specific using the zip code of your area, replacing “me” in top cardiologists near me. It would generate more specific results.

Thirdly, you should scroll down each of the shortlisted candidates and check the published reviews about them on Google and on their website as well. It would give you an idea of its credentials and experience and the nature of working.

Last but not the least, you should contact the selected ones and get your basic questions answered and book an appointment with the most suitable ones after comparing the prices and the office hours.