If you are looking for best incontinence supplies for adults or seniors that should be reliable yet comfortable as well, you need to visit the best pharmacy in Maryland for it. Only a top pharmacy is a trusted place to buy incontinence supplies in Kensington MD. A top pharmacy has multiple options and solutions to cope with the incontinence problem for your adults or elderly parents or relatives.

First of all, you need to have a complete understanding of incontinence, so you can choose the best incontinence products for elderly people in your house.

Incontinence Definition

Incontinence is a chronic disease where weak pelvic muscles or overactive bladder makes the elderly people lose the control of their urination. Many chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, high BP can also cause incontinence disease in the elderly people. Furthermore, pregnant women may also face this awkward chronic disease after going through C-section or vaginal delivery. You need to rely on some really comfortable yet reliable incontinence supplies for seniors that can actually absorb all of the leaked urination and will not make others notice about uncontrollable urination because this disease is seriously awkward.

What is the Best Thing to Wear for Incontinence?

An old lady with a question mark and a nurse talking about Incontinence

It all depends on the severity of the incontinence plus gender plays an important role while choosing the incontinence supplies for seniors because there is a massive difference between a male’s urination process and female. Some people count the pads and diapers as the best incontinence products for elderly while others think that the best solutions are drip collectors, condom catheters and waterproof. It all depends on a specific patient and the main reason for incontinence.

Popular Adults Incontinence Supplies

There are many popular Incontinence supplies for elderly people in the market based on many specifications and customizations perfectly suitable for adults and seniors. Following are a few popular incontinence products for elderly people that you must buy for your beloved elderly people.

1) Underpads

Underpads for elderly

Underpads are surely among the most popular incontinence supplies that are worn inside the underwear to soak all the leaked urine. They have a great absorbent ability to soak up all the urine at once and they won’t let your legs be wet due to urine. They are equally helpful for both men and women.

If your elderly people have mild to moderate levels of incontinence, you must go for the underpads.

2) Bladder Control Pads

Bladder control pads

Bladder control pads are specifically designed for male adults who are dealing with the problem of incontinence.

3) Insert Pads

Insert pad for elderly

Insert pads are special incontinence pads that are used after inserting into normal underwears or underpads for additional protection from urination.

4) Throws

Adults green waterproof throw

Waterproof throws are also great products to save your bed sheets, car seats and other seatings from urine because they are 100% waterproof and you can easily throw them anywhere to cover the whole area. They are not just waterproof but they also provide some comfort and warmth to the elderly people, so they indirectly also reduce the urination process by providing the necessary warmth. They have a hidden waterproof polyurethane layer that does all the business and it wont let any older one feel any embarrassment in a public place either.

5) Ultra Briefs

Ultra briefs

Whenever you talk about the best incontinence supplies for elderly people or adults, ultra briefs should never be ignored. These high absorbing ultra briefs are among the popular ones because they are not just absorbents but they also improve the breathability opposed to the fitted briefs with plastic exteriors. They provide good stability and the protection from any kind of diaper leakage. They are highly preferable if your elderly people are facing fecal incontinence. They have a dual layer for the fast drying and they also have hooks to always cover the entire area.

6) Pull on Pants

Adults pull on pants

Pull on pants provide an additional protection even if you are already wearing the underpads. They are for both men and women.

7) Extended Wear Briefs

Extended wear briefs

They are best for those people who need to wear the incontinence supplies for an extended time. They have high level absorption ability with the wet indication as well.

8) Tampons

Tampons for elderly

Tampons are another suitable option for adult females who are afraid of incontinence urination due to any kind of stress while laughing, walking or coughing. They help them deal with the unexpected urination by keeping pressure on the urethra so there would be no leaks while coughing or laughing.


They are among the best incontinence supplies for the adults (female) but still many doctors suggest that they may be used off and on and they are not good with the regular usage because they may have some side effects due to excessive usage.

9) Wipes

Adults wipes

Special hygiene wipes are used for the quick replacement of the incontinence supplies of the adults who can’t take the shower to maintain hygiene

10) Elevated Toilet Seats

Tall toilet seats for adults

There are some specifically designed toilet seats for the patients of incontinence who need to go to the toilet quite often. These specific toilet seats with padded arms and elevation function won’t let them feel any tiresome even after multiple visits in a day.

These are all the major supplies and special feasible products for the incontinence of adults that are much helpful for the adults.You should consult with the expert doctors to choose any one of these popular incontinence products for your elderly parents or relatives. Do let them know the whole situation and they will guide you well about the pros and cons of all of the options. You can also take help from any of the top pharmacies in Maryland while consulting with their supportive team before ordering some incontinence products.