An average menstrual cycle ranges from 28-38 days. It varies from woman to woman but it should remain the same for each specific woman. If any woman faces some irregular pattern of her menstrual cycle, she should consult with the doctors because it may be a sign of premenstrual syndrome(PMS). If your periods keep on coming too early or too late for some consecutive months, you need to consult with your family doctor and try some suggested period supplements to make them regular. If you are facing a heavy, irregular or prolonged period; it is called menorrhagia that should be treated with proper diet, supplements or vitamins for period regulation.

PMS supplements are as necessary and beneficial as other supplements like supplements for diabetes or other best supplements for fitness etc.

Let’s have a detailed overview of PMS, heavy periods and the required supplements for heavy periods.

What Deficiency causes Heavy Periods?

The deficiency of iron is one of the major causes of heavy periods. That’s why the iron supplements for period regulation are most common in the market. There are also so many other reasons for the heavy periods like hormone problems, growth in the uterus, some female cancers, bleeding disorders and certain IUDIs, etc. If you ever face a heavy period, consult with the doctor or visit our pharmacy store for suitable supplements.

What Supplements Help with Heavy Periods?

There are many supplements for heavy periods in the market based on various specific reasons for the heavy periods for every different woman; however, the most common vitamins and supplements for period regulations are listed below along with their specific symptoms and benefits.



A detailed study has shown that the chasteberry should be included in the most popular vitamins for period regulations because it has been found beneficial for female reproductive health and it may provide some benefits regularizing the periods as well. If you are having heavy periods due to some hormonal changes during pregnancy, chasteberry may provide some relief. Always talk to your family doctor before trying it.


Top view healthy food

Calcium amount may continuously change through a complete menstrual cycle. In 2017, a clinical trial has verified that the calcium supplements may reduce the symptoms of PMS and other irregularities in periods like heavy periods and prolonged periods. Fortunately, Calcium can be taken with the help of Calcium-enriched foods along with a proper diet; however, Calcium supplements can also be taken after doctor’s consultation.

Vitamin D

Foods rich in natural vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a very helpful supplement that also helps you absorb more Calcium. By boosting an immune system and strengthening bones, it alleviates some PMS symptoms. Its anti-inflammatory properties help you alleviate back pain, stress and anxiety during PMS.

Vitamin B-6

Ingredients or products containing vitamin B6

If you are dealing with PMS and you are facing various mood swings too during these heavy period symptoms, you probably need some vitamin-6 supplements to boost your neurotransmitters, so you may cope with other psychological symptoms associated with the PMS or heavy periods.

Vitamin B-12

Natural sources of Vitamin B12

If you are facing heavy periods, you may be on the verge of anemia – low blood. Vitamin B-12 is very helpful during heavy periods because it stimulates your body to produce new blood cells and it helps you recover faster after a heavy period.


Food containing magnesium.

Several PMS symptoms may be caused by the deficiency of Magnesium. Women should manage their Magnesium levels with the help of Magnesium enriched foods like almonds, green vegetables and peanuts. A study has verified that the Magnesium supplements along with B-6 has helped women to ease the severity of PMS.

Fatty Acids

Sources of omega 3 fatty acids: flaxseeds, avocado, salmon and walnuts

Essential fatty acids are most recommended to deal with the PMS syndrome because they have many anti-inflammatory properties and they may prove to be highly beneficial to ease the PMS problems. Go to your doctor and consult about how much essential fatty acids are needed for your specific case.

Ginko Biloba

Ginkgo biloba leaves and pills on wooden background

Ginko Biloba is a famous herbal remedy that is among the suggested supplements for heavy periods. It is a wonderful supplement that may help reduce the both physical and psychological symptoms related to PMS.

Female Ginseng

Sliced ginseng on a white background

Female Ginseng may be helpful for you if you are facing premenstrual cramps and pain due to any PMS symptoms like heavy periods or prolonged periods. Don’t consume it during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


Foods High in Zinc as salmon, seafood-shrimps, beef, yellow cheese,

Zinc should not be ignored while considering any vitamins or supplements for heavy periods. Zinc helps you reduce inflammation and boost your immunity during heavy periods or PMS. It also balances your mood and alleviates stress during heavy periods.


All of these 10 supplements help one way or another to cope with PMS symptoms, especially a heavy period. It depends on each individual that what specific supplement would be more helpful alleviating PMS symptoms. Furthermore, some specific supplements should be avoided for some specific situations like pregnancy or breastfeeding. Always consult with your family doctor or visit the best pharmacy in Maryland to consult further on what specific PMS supplement should be chosen.