If you are dealing with some chronic disease and you are curious about traveling with medication yourself, you should get a prescription refilled early if you are going to Europe for a long period and you must talk about having to refill a prescription for holidays with your GP. There may be some rules and regulations regarding traveling with medication internationally, especially traveling with medication to Europe, and getting an early prescription that you must know.

Let’s check out all the tips for traveling with medication to Europe or any other country internationally so you won’t have to miss your medicational dose while traveling.

What is the Best Way to Travel with Medication?

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Following are the top 10 tips for traveling with medication to Europe, America or anywhere internationally, so you won’t have to face any objections, restrictions or violation charges.

1) An Early Planning

An early planning has to be the foremost tip that anyone may have while traveling outside carrying a chronic disease. You must do proper research and have a detailed plan after checking all the rules, guidelines about carrying medication during a trip or a flight, depending on your traveling state. You may need to talk with your GP or counselor to guide you well about traveling with medication in your planned destination. You can search yourself because medication laws vary state to state.

2) Proper Labeling and Packing

Proper labeling and packing is very important while carrying your medication with you while traveling. It should be having every single detail e.g. a medication name, its general name, its chemical formula, its prescription and the name of the prescriber along with your chronic disease, so everyone may know why it is so important to be carried away with you. Ask your GP or pharmacist to make every detail and label ready for you.

3) Having a Detailed Prescription along with Its Translation

An original or an attested copy of your official prescription should be always with you while traveling with medication internationally because there may be some controlled drugs as well, that may cause unwanted trouble at the airports. If you cannot bring the original prescription with you, you may ask your GP to provide you another attested copy of that prescription along with a letterhead, so you may testify in your case that why are you bringing the controlled drugs with you. It is always better to have your prescription in the native language of that place where you are intending to stay during your trip.

4) Checking all the Expiry Dates of Your Medications

If you are intending to have a round trip to Europe for several weeks or you are looking to spend holidays somewhere else, don’t forget to check all the expiry dates of your medications that you are going to pack with you – they should not expire till your return.

5) Taking Care of Accurate Temperature for Medications

Some medications need to be kept at room temperature while others need to be kept at cool temperature, take care of everything and try to put every single medicine at its desired temperature during your whole trip. Consult it with your GP and you may be advised to have an ice pack, a cool bag or an insulated pouch with you while traveling with medication internationally.

6) Arranging Some Extra Medication with You

Always consider the mishaps or emergencies before going to travel to distant places. Your medication may be lost or damaged in any possible accident, so you need to be proactive. You may ask your GP to provide some extra medication with you in a separate bag, so you may always have a backup. You may not be provided any extra dose of controlled drugs, but some extra OTCs may be provided as a backup.

7) Inquiring about Refilling Possibility in a Newer Place

You must do proper research and actually inquire from some credible sources if your medications are allowed and available in your planned venue or not. If not, you should use some refill prescription services in Maryland to have an extra supply of your prescription with you, so you may not miss any dose due to unavailability of medicine in a newer place.

8) Hesitating to Buy Vitamins and Supplements from any Local Store

Don’t try to buy your vitamins and supplements from any nearest local store; instead, try to buy vitamins and supplements in Maryland and store some extra for the whole trip. That’s how you may save yourself from any unauthentic supplements during your travel.

9) Staying Compliant with the State Laws Everywhere

You should always stay compliant with the state laws everywhere regardless of what dosage amount and what substitute medications are allowed according to your prescriptions. It is the best way to stay out of every controversy during your whole trip.

10) Taking Personal License with You for Controlled Substances

If you have some controlled substances in your prescription and you have to take them out with you while traveling with medication to Europe, you need to take a personal license with you and you must follow all the embassy rules. Consider contacting them before taking controlled medications with you.

How Do You Make Sure You Travel with Medicine Legally?

If you plan well and do proper research about all the medication rules, traveling rules, embassy rules and drug rules by your local authorities and the authorities in your proposed destination, it would be much easier for you to have a safe trip by abiding by all those rules while traveling with medication to Europe or America internationally. Be aware of all the rules and stay connected with your GP and the local embassy to have all the necessary knowledge and support.