Men and women both need some supplements to stay healthy. It is a myth that men won’t need any supplements and they always remain stronger. It is true that men are physically stronger than women but they also have to do more physical work as well. It is an undeniable reality that men also need some external supplements to fill their body needs because they can’t always have the nutritional and vitamins enriched diet in this busy era.

Just as the stronger women also need the best supplements for PMS, strong men also need some health supplements to remain stronger even in stressed routines. These men’s health supplements are essential for those men who are over 50.

Let’s check what are the best supplements for men’s health that should be consumed regularly.

What Vitamins Should a Man Take Daily?

Following best supplements men’s health should be taken daily because they can maintain and improve men’s health.

1) Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the most important vitamin for men because it can be beneficial for the men’s mental and physical health. When we particularly talk about men’s health, the testosterone levels are much important because they are directly associated with men’s sexual life. So, Vitamin D plays a significant role in making the testosterone levels balanced. Furthermore, it is also good for muscles. That’s why it is among the best prenatal vitamins as well.

All men should take vitamin D on a daily basis by either of the means: sunlight, food or commercial supplements.

2) Zinc

Foods High in Zinc

Zinc is also among the men’s health best vitamins and supplements because it also supports the testosterone levels; moreover, It also has some anti-inflammatory properties and it boosts the overall immune system.

Beware! You should not consume more than 12-15mg of Zinc supplements per day because it may cause nausea and other side effects.

3) Magnesium

Magnesium is another important vitamin that should be taken each day from Magnesium enriched foods like spinach, almonds and bananas. You can also take Magnesium from different healthy supplements. Magnesium supplements are good for overall men’s health because they may help in a variety of healthy functions like maintaining blood glucose, protein synthesis and nerve functions etc.

The recommended dose for the men is around 400mg per day.

4) Protein Powder

Protein powder is an alias for the health supplement for men. All men who do regular workout in a gym or pursue their body building hobby, they are always suggested the protein powder because those men who do regular workout, they may not be getting enough protein as they should be. That’s why a protein powder is everywhere whenever you go to buy nutritional supplements and vitamins in Maryland.

All the men athletes are recommended 1.6-2 grams of protein powder daily.

5) Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are always important for both men and women. They have great anti-inflammatory properties and they should be consumed on a daily basis via food or men’s supplements. If a man consumes men’s supplements having omega 3, he may easily feel an improvement in cardiovascular and brain functions. If you don’t find good healthy men’s supplements near you, you can get these omega 3 fatty acids from fish, walnuts or sardines.

The recommended fish oil for omega 3 is 1.6gram/day.

What Supplements do Men over 50 and 60 Need?

Men’s health supplements over 50 and 60 are not limited to Vitamin D, Zinc or Magnesium – Older men need some additional strength via many supplements. The most popular supplements for men over 50 and 60 are listed below with their major benefits.

Vitamin D: To cope with bone loss and frailty issues.

Vitamin B: To prevent homocysteine, dementia and Alzheimer.

Iron: To prevent anemia.

Zinc: To help the overall immune system and to deal with inflammation.

Magnesium: To avoid depression, poor sleep or weak bones.


Our lives have been much busier and we can’t fulfill our nutritional needs due to poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. That’s where the supplements come very handy to fulfill our body needs. There are supplements for almost everything. We have seen supplements and vitamins for diabetics, PMS and getting in shape. Some people say that these supplements are unnatural and unhealthy for you but if they are taken according to the doctor’s prescription then they are good for you. That’s why men also need some routine supplements(Vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium and omega 3) to stay healthy but most of the men are reluctant to do it. Furthermore, slowly but gradually the inflation is hitting us and men are reluctant to pay sales tax for these men’s supplements. They are curious to know how much tax they would have to pay for these best men’s supplements and vitamins in Maryland. They should simply just call any online supplements store in Kensington, MD and ask about their queries including this question: are supplements taxable in Maryland?