Many people are still confused about compounding pharmacy and they literally ponder why use a compounding pharmacy when there are so many manufactured pharmaceutical products available in the market. They are still confused because they don’t know the general compounding pharmacy definition and the reasons for compounding in pharmacy.

Let’s have a proper look at compounded medications and the reasons for compounded medications along with general compound medications examples.

Why Would You Need Compound Medication?

Compounded medications are the customized medications that are prepared via mixing or altering the available medications for a customized usage. There are many reasons for compounded medications that clearly indicate the importance and benefits of compounded medications and that clearly give the answer of why use a compounding pharmacy as well.

Following are 5 situations where you may need compounded medications.

1) Customized Dosage

Doctor describing the right medicine dosage

Customized dosage is among the top reasons for compounding in pharmacy. Manufactured drugs, approved by FDA, are only available in some specific dosage; however, if a patient needs an alternative dosage, the doctors advise the compounded medications. In a compound pharmacy, the compounding pharmacist may provide a specific customized dosage of the same medication according to the doctor’s prescription. So, a specific dosage is among the popular reasons for compounded medications in the US.

2) Customized Form

Pharmacy refill form

One of the popular reasons for compounded medications is to have a customized form of medication that would be easier to take on a regular basis. Some patients are not willing to take some large capsules or a number of tablets each day, so they need a customized form of that medication that would be easier to have. For example, making a compounded prescription in a liquid form or a smaller capsule are common examples of providing a customized form of any prescription. Even if your children or pets don’t like the taste of the manufactured medications in the market, customized medications can also be prepared by adding their favorite flavor in the medications.

3) Allergy Free Medication

Compounded medications are prepared by only mixing and altering the active substances ignoring all the unnecessary compounds that may be allergic for some people. That’s why compounded medications need certified prescriptions that clearly indicate that a specific person may be allergic to some specific compounds. After consulting the prescriptions, all the allergic compounds are excluded while preparing the customized compounded prescriptions. All the authentic compounded pharmacies demand detailed prescriptions and this indication is also included in the tips to choose a compounded pharmacy that a good compounded pharmacy should always ask you for a certified prescription.

4) Simplified Compounded Medication

Some patients who have to deal with chronic diseases, like diabetes, BP or cancer, have to take a large number of tablets after regular intervals. It is a hectic routine for them and it may also increase their depression or anxiety. Compounded pharmacy may provide them a simplified compounded medication by mixing all of the necessary tablets in a single dose that would be much easier for them to take on regular intervals. “Simplified compounded medication” can be a perfect reply to those people who keep asking about why to use a compounding pharmacy. Furthermore, a unified compounded prescription is among the most impactful reasons for choosing a compounding pharmacy.

5) Discontinued Medications

Canceled label, medicines in background

Some manufactured drugs are often discontinued due to multiple reasons. It becomes a real struggle for the patients who need those drugs to fill their prescriptions. Customized compounded medications can be made, by the compounding pharmacists, that are exact alternatives to those branded drugs that are no longer in the market. If there is no suitable alternative to a certain discontinued drug in the market available, you may need a compounding pharmacy because you can’t compound the medications by your own without having any expertise and proper compounding environment.

Do You Need Compound Medication?

If you are allergic to some specific ingredients in the manufactured drugs and you are advised that drug in your prescription, you surely need a compound medication consisting of only active substances avoiding the specific allergens. If you are facing some chronic disease and you are tired of taking a large number of medications on regular intervals, you may try a simplified compounded medication that is a unified mixture of all your regular medications. If your children are hesitant to take the specific drugs due to a certain smell, taste or form, you may contact our compounding pharmacy in Kensington, MD and ask us to prepare a customized medication in a specific liquid or capsule including a specific flavor. You can also send your prescription to refill online as well.

Remember that there are some specific situations that advise you why use a compounding pharmacy; otherwise, you don’t need to have compounded medications because they are not FDA approved and they are only advised in some certain situations where one needs to have customized medications that are not readily available in the market.