Eczema is a skin inflammatory condition triggered by an autoimmune disorder. You may identify it with dry, red and itchy skin. If the issue is not treated for long, it causes skin scaling, weeping, crusted, thickened and blistering. Mostly, eczema patients have other forms of allergies that may be genetic.
The primary cause of Eczema has not been identified; however, it has been associated with either genetic or environmental factors. It may be cured with some antibiotics and there are best eczema creams in the market for it; however, according to homeopathy definition, we should trigger the body’s self-healing and the main reason behind Eczema should be considered as well.

Can Eczema Be Cured in Homeopathy?

There’s a big difference between treating and curing. There’s no cure for Eczema but it is treatable. If the symptoms have been triggered by anxiety or stress, an eczema homeopathic remedy does the job well; however, there’s no proven cure if it’s a condition caused by excessive inflammation by immune system defense.

Which Homeopathic Remedies Are Best for Eczema?

Depending on your symptoms, several homeopathic eczema remedies can help you. Different people use different eczema homeopathic treatment as recommended by the homeopathy professionals.
Additionally, you must clearly understand your symptoms to identify the remedy that fits for you. The most common signs that need excellent attention include severe itching that can cause bleeding at times, dry and rough skin that goes with blisters if the skin develops a leathery layer within the most affected area, red patches and sticky oozing watery discharge.
There are many homeopathic eczema remedies involved in the homeopathic eczema treatments but these are the most popular ones.

1. Sulphur

Sulphur homeopathic eczema cream

If the eczema symptoms usually become worse during summer and the skin feels dry and rough, sulfur is the remedy. Those patients who feel excessive itching in warm temperature followed by burning sensation are highly advised to go with sulphur homeopathic remedy.

2. Graphite

Graphits homeopathic medicine

Graphite is an excellent option regarding eczema homeopathy treatment for the patients having sticky, oozing watery symptoms during Eczema. Persons suffering from obesity and constipation and who are sensitive to cold should also use graphite; moreover, it is also used to treat menstrual disorders in women.
Other symptoms indicating that one should use graphite remedy include; leathery skin, a history of skin disorder, cracks around the mouth and behind ears, itching and bleeding and concentration difficulties during morning hours.

3. Calcerea Carbonica

Calcarea Carbonica homeopathic medicine

It is considered highly efficient homeopathic remedy for Eczema because it is made from Calcium Carbonate that is extracted from oyster shells. Patients with clammy feet and hands use Calcerea carbonica and it is more suitable for the scalp of young children.

4. Rhus Toxicodendron

Rhus Tox medicine

Rhus Toxicodendron remedy is recommended to those patients who have the following symptoms; swollen blisterlike eruption with a reddish look, acute itching, lots of discomforts, being restless at most times, anxiousness, muscle stiffness and thirst for cold milk often.

5. Antimonium crudum

Antimonium Crudum homeopathic medicine

Another popular name among popular Eczema homeopathic remedies is Antium Crudum. Patients who respond well to antimonium crudum have symptoms such as thick and cracking skin, sentimental and sensitive feelings, craving for food all time, love for sour items, being overweight and shyness. Furthermore, it is good for those children who suffer from the symptoms of an irritation if they’re touched or looked at. Their itching tends to worsen if the children are exposed to sunlight.

6. Petroleum

Petroleum medicine

Sometimes, your skin is experiencing extreme dryness leading to cracks and palms or fingertips are the most affected parts by Eczema and skin accompanied by bleeding. During the winter, the affected areas tend to bleed often, and itching becomes a major concern especially during the night hours. All these symptoms indicate that you should go with petroleum homeopathic remedy. Petroleum homeopathic remedy may heal your cracks and reduce the dryness that causes Eczema.

7. Arsenicum Album

Arsenic Album liquid

Use Arsenicum Album if you’re experiencing severe itching that burns upon scratching. Itching affects the private parts are among the visible symptoms of specific Eczema that should be relieved by Arsenic homeopathic remedy. Furthermore, it may also relieve the patient from overall anxiety and restlessness.


Eczema is a specific skin condition that may cause redness, itching and swelling on skin that should be taken seriously and it should be coped as soon as possible to avoid any further problems. Apart from allopathic, now people are also showing interest in homeopathic remedies. Recent research shows that some people actually prefer homeopathic remedies for nerve weakness as there are no harmful side effects of it. Eczema can also be treated by homeopathic treatment and it takes as little as 90 minutes to see change; however, to identify your condition, a homeopathic expert will inquire a piece of in-depth information about your history’s symptoms and your medication history to suggest you best homeopathic remedies for your Eczema situation.
Luckily, if you are from Maryland, you can even consult a homeopath online and book homeopathic remedies in Maryland Kensington on the internet.