Maryland has one of the best state level prescription assistance programs in the US. They cover almost everything regarding prescriptions and the medications under the Maryland prescription programs or the Maryland medication assistance program. That is why Maryland is considered among the top states of the US that has a well balanced, well managed and well controlled state level prescription program.

If you know about a typical pharmacy prescription process steps, then you must know that the prescription filling process goes through a thorough verification and insurance checking steps so if you are a resident of Maryland but have no insurance for the prescriptions, there is no need to worry. Maryland prescription assistance program is there to help you provide highly discounted prescriptions all over the state of Maryland. The state level Maryland prescription program is liable for every Maryland resident despite age, gender or any additional requirements.

It was launched in 2009 with the partnership of many stakeholders like Medical State Medical Society (Medchi), Maryland Academy of Physician Assistance, Maryland Society of Accountants and Maryland Association of Realtors. They have deployed a Maryland Rx Card that makes every Maryland resident to avail all benefits of this vast medication assistance program.

What is the Maryland Prescription Assistance Program?

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It is a state level Medication assistance program that enables every Maryland resident to avail all the medication and the prescriptions at a highly discounted prices up to 80%. They can avail this offer by showing the Maryland Rx Card that is freely available to anyone who lives in Maryland. The best thing about Maryland Rx Card is that it is pre activated for all the Maryland citizens and it never expires.

This service is available in every single pharmacy that is considered as the best Maryland Kensington pharmacy. Every citizen may get the discounted prescriptions via Maryland prescription assistance program by suggesting to the retailers that payment should be processed via Maryland Rx Card – it does not matter that a hard copy of the Rx card is available or not.

How Do Prescription Assistance Programs Work?

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Such Prescription Assistance Programs (PAPs) are run by the affiliation of pharmacists and non-profit organizations under the supervision of state health insurance programs that provide them the subsidized products to run these programs. These programs provide the discounted prescriptions to the uninsured or underinsured residents.

There are several famous prescription assistance programs in Maryland providing the prescriptions and medication assistance to specific Maryland residents with zero or minimal eligibility criteria e.g. Maryland AIDS Drug Assistance Program, Maryland Children’s Health Insurance Program, Maryland Medicaid Pharmacy Program and the Maryland Department of Aging.

Is Maryland Prescription Assistance Program Legitimate?

Of Course! The Maryland Prescription Assistance Program is hundred percent legitimate and the Maryland Rx coupon card is also a legitimate option to avail all the medication and prescription at a discounted price. It is sponsored by the MAPA. MedChi and it is accepted in more than 68000 statewide pharmacies; furthermore, it is also seen on many famous news brands like CNN, Yahoo News and, Forbes, FOX and NBC etc. The RX Card coupons are pre activated and any big prescription pharmacy refills with RX online in Maryland.

If you are a Maryland citizen, you can easily generate your free RX coupon and take that coupon to any nearest pharmacy and save up to 80% on any kind of prescriptions and medication. If you are unsure about which pharmacy would accept this, you can also locate the nearest pharmacies around your city from the pharmacy locater on the official website of Maryland RX car.

Once you have found the nearest pharmacy around you in Kensington MD, you can check its map on Google to know more about Kensington MD pharmacy phone number and hours.

State of Maryland Prescription Plan

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In 2019, in senate bill 296, there approved many drug prescription plans under medicare by the state. The retirees would be eligible for these drug plans like Maryland State Retiree Prescription Drug Coverage Program, Maryland State Retiree Catastrophic Prescription Drug Assistance Plan and Maryland State Retiree Life-Sustaining Prescription Drug Assistance Program.

Maryland State offers these specific prescription plans for some specific citizens who meet a special criteria like retirement. For the whole drug coverage regarding the prescriptions, the state of Maryland has a proper Medicare prescription drug coverage plan for retirees and the medicare part D drug prescription plans.

Furthermore, CVS caremark makes the whole drug prescription plan and delivery smooth and convenient. There are more than 68000 pharmacies in the whole Maryland prescription plan.

These plans offer massive assistance to those retirees who have to deal with some chronic diseases and need regular drugs and prescriptions. Some of the plans are covered by Medicare but not all of them – some are state’s employee prescription drug plans as well.


You can check the website about the Department of Budget and Management and you can see all the special state level plans that cover the health benefits for the Maryland citizens. There would be medical plans, prescription drug coverage, dental coverage, flexible spending accounts, term life insurance Ad&D and the wellness program.

You can see the certain eligibility criteria and then apply for any of the plans that lie under Maryland prescription assistance program and then redeem all the special discounts and special offers by having a Maryland RX card that is preactivated and accepted everywhere in Maryland.