Every single action of a human body is controlled by a nervous system. If your nervous system is weak, you won’t be able to properly move, think, see, walk, eat and speak. Furthermore, nerve pain really becomes unbearable for many people if the nerves are weak or damaged. A weak nervous system is among the most troublesome diseases that won’t be fully cured with OTC medicines; however, there are best prescription meds for nerve pain.

Homeopathy for Weak Nerves

According to Homeopathy’s meaning and definition, the body heals itself if it is triggered to do so. If we particularly talk about homeopathic medicine for nerve weakness, homeopathy is more about fixing the original cause of nerve pain rather than numbing the pain. That’s why there are some best homeopathic medicines for nerve weakness that try to strengthen the overall Central Nervous System(CNS) as a whole.

Which Homeopathic Medicines are Best for Nerve Weakness?

If you are going to find the best homeopathic medicines for nerve weakness then you need to know all about nerve weakness and its symptoms, so you can have the best homeopathic medicine for a weak nervous system.
Once anyone got a weak nervous system, its spine and brain won’t be in a perfect condition anymore; moreover, the coordination between muscles and brain gets affected and eventually some significant diseases start to occur e.g. stroke, Alzheimer, brain tumor, Cerebral palsy, Concussion, Dementia, Epilepsy, Migraine, Multiple sclerosis, Neuralgia, Parkinson’s disease and Seizures.
Following are some of the popular homeopathic medicines for nerve weakness.

Argentum Nitricum

Argentum Nitricum homeopathic medicine

Argentum Nitricum can be referred to as the best homeopathic medicine for a poor central nervous system. It improves the overall correlation between the muscles and nervous system.


Causticum homeopathic medicine

Causticum can surely be called as the best homeopathic medicine for nerve weakness because it may fix many problems associated with the weak nervous system. Some popular symptoms that can be cured via Causticum are children’s bed-wetting, multiple sclerosis and paralytic infection etc.

Arsenicum Album

Arsenic Album homeopathic medicine

If you feel anxious, restless and exhausted all the time, you may have some nerve problems that may lead to asthma or other panic attacks. Such weak nerve problems can be fixed by a popular homeopathic medicine – Arsenic Album.


Pulsatilla homeopathic medicine

Don’t forget to add Pulsatilla in your cart when deciding to buy the best homeopathic remedies for the central nervous system (CNS). It clearly supports your central nervous system and it helps you to think well, work well and survive well under any circumstances without any anxiety. Furthermore, you may use this homeopathic remedy during puberty and menstrual periods.


Phosphorus homeopathic medicine

Phosphorus is a great homeopathic medicine with multiple benefits. It is always a good choice during atrophy; moreover, it can always improve the CNS’s functioning by controlling the natural mineral’s quantity in the body. That’s why it is a good option dealing with spinal and brain’s problems.

Kalium Bromatum

Kalium Bromatum homeopathic medicine

Kalium Bromatum is another best homeopathic medicine for the weak nerves because it can deal with almost every problem caused by the weak central nervous system. It can fix psoriasis, paralysis and stammering to one extent. On the other hand, it can also be a great remedy for acne and sleeplessness.

Kali Phos

Kali Phosphoricum homeopathic medicine

This is among those homeopathic remedies that deal with the numbness of hands and feet. When some person’s nerves become weak over time, the numbness may feel quite often. Some may also start feeling prickling or burning sensation as well due to poor blood flow and worse neural correspondence with the brain. Kali Phos may deal well with such troublesome symptoms.

Magnesium Phos

Magnesium Phos homeopathic medicine

Magnesium Phos is another best homeopathic remedy for nerve weakness and even nerve damage. If your nerves are damaged or excessively weak, you may feel some sudden pain in the nerves that may grow quickly and vanish all at once. Magnesium Phos has been found fighting well against such symptoms.

Plumbum Met

Plumbum Metallicum homeopathic medicine

Plumbum Met is always there for you to fight with muscle weakness or paralysis conditions. It is considered the best homeopathic remedy for the pain, numbness, tingling or twitching in the limbs.


Gnaphalium homeopathic medicine

Gnaphalium is a specialized homeopathic remedy for sciatica pain. The sciatica pain can be a nerve wracking experience for any person but luckily Gnaphalium is there to deal with this pain attended with numbness.


Gelsemium homeopathic medicine

Gelsemium is the best homeopathic remedy for the central nervous system because it is supposed to strengthen the overall neural coordination with muscles, so there won’t be any imbalance during walking. That’s why it is considered best for those people who have a mild paralysis or they have met with a brain stroke due to excessive high blood pressure. Last but not the least, it is also helpful for the spinal cord and other nerves to work efficiently.

Where to Buy Homeopathic Medicines in Maryland?

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