One of the greatest moments in a woman’s life is to become pregnant and expect a baby. Conceiving a baby is one thing but to deliver a healthy baby is a long process that needs vigilance care of a mother and its diet. Every woman needs some external vitamins and nutritional ad-ons to successfully cope with all the nutritional needs while keeping the baby in the tummy for 9 months. We all know the busy and hectic routines of women, so they surely need the supplements to cover the nutritional needs. Just as the supplements for diabetics and other best heavy PMS supplements are important for women, the best prenatal vitamins are also essential for the pregnant women.

Prenatal vitamins are the special supplements that are prepared especially for pregnant women. They include all the key supplements that are beneficial for both mother and baby. These prenatal vitamins maintain a healthy balance between a woman and baby during a pregnancy. Doctors suggest that a woman should start taking prenatal vitamins 3 months before conceiving a baby. Folic acid, Calcium and several vitamins are among the best complete prenatal vitamins.

Let’s see what are the benefits of prenatal vitamins and which prenatal vitamins are considered as the best complete prenatal vitamins in 2022.

What are the Benefits of Taking Prenatal Vitamins?

One of the basic purposes of prenatal vitamins is to maintain the mother’s and baby’s overall health during pregnancy to avoid any mishap like miscarriage or birth defects. Different prenatal vitamins with different supplements provide specific benefits to the mother like minimizing the risk of preeclampsia – a condition where a mother faces high blood pressure, fluid retention and excessive protein excretion along with urine. Some of the best prenatal vitamins with iron assure the mother’s safety from any kind of iron-deficiency anemia. Other best prenatal vitamins with folic acid and calcium makes sure of a healthy baby. Furthermore, best prenatal vitamins with DHA reduces the chances of preterm delivery and mood swings of a mother during pregnancy.

What are the Best Prenatal Vitamins to Take while Pregnant?

Following are among the best prenatal vitamins in 2022 for all the pregnant women that may help them fulfill their all possible nutrition deficiencies. Some women also consider some of the best prenatal vitamins for hair growth but the following supplements are most recommended during pregnancy.

Folic Acid

Pregnant woman eating healthy food containing folic acid

All the best prenatal vitamins are made with folic acid. Folic acid is among the most recommended vitamins for pregnant women because it may help protect them from preeclampsia and neural tube defects and it also protects the baby from any early birth defects. All pregnant women should take 600 mcg of folic acid daily.


Yogurt drink and milk drink

Calcium is probably the most crucial supplement for everyone. Calcium strengthens our bones and teeth as well. All pregnant women should consume a Calcium upto 1000 mg per day to keep the baby healthier.

Vitamin C

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Vitamin C can also be called a complete prenatal vitamin because it generally improves the overall immune system of a pregnant mother. All pregnant women should take a little dose of Vitamin C (80mg) every day.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D tablets with the letter "D" on a turquoise background

Vitamin D is among the most recommended prenatal vitamins in 2022 because it helps in keeping the fetal and maternal bone health. It also promotes the absorption of other supplements like Calcium and Phosphorus to make sure that newborn won’t have weak bones. 15 mcg a day is a recommended dose for a pregnant woman.

Vitamin A

Carrot. The letter A with a carrot. Vitamin A

According to doctors, Vitamin A assists the formation of fetal eyes, ears, limbs and heart. So, pregnant women should try to keep track of their Vitamin A level as well. A pregnant woman can take 750 mcg of Vitamin A per day during pregnancy.


Healthy food contains iodine.

Iodine is an essential prenatal vitamin but it can be intaken along with salt but those women who have high blood pressure, and they avoid salt, should consume at least 220 mcg per day.


Foods containing iron The concept of healthy eating from above

Iron is among the best prenatal vitamins because it maintains the whole blood supply during pregnancy. That’s why the best prenatal vitamins are made with iron. A dose of 27mg per day is recommended for a healthy baby and mother.


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Zinc related supplements are highly endorsed by the doctors for pregnant women because 11-12mg of Zinc a day makes the immune system healthier and maintains healthy cell division.

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)

Raw salmon fillet on a black plate with olive oil, Himalayan salt and ..

Usually the external supplements won’t have the DHA in them but now there are some best prenatal vitamins with DHA available in the market. You need to ask for them. If they are not available near to you, you must consume some diet enriched with omega-3 fatty acids like DHA. Fatty fish is a suggested diet to be consumed.

When should you Start taking Prenatal Vitamins?

Zinc should not be ignored while considering any vitamins or supplements for heavy periods. Zinc helps you reduce inflammation and boost your immunity during heavy periods or PMS. It also balances your mood and alleviates stress during heavy periods.

As soon as possible. Doctors recommend that pregnant women should start taking prenatal vitamins even before conceiving the baby. If you are pregnant and you have not started taking prenatal vitamins, start taking them. As soon as you conceive a baby, be well prepared for it. Taking prenatal vitamins, wearing women’s compression stockings and taking proper rest is a healthy routine during pregnancy.

Can I Switch My Prenatal Vitamins during Pregnancy?

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Yes you can but you should only switch due to an obvious reason. For example, you should switch to a better prenatal vitamin or supplements according to your specific health condition or a specific phase of a pregnancy. Do not forget to consult with your family doctor before changing the prenatal vitamin or the dose of a specific prenatal vitamin because some prenatal vitamins would be harmful during pregnancy if they are taken in a higher dosage. Some prenatal vitamins just work fine for the third month of pregnancy while others may help well during the 6th month of pregnancy. Furthermore, some prenatal supplements are costly due to certain taxes. You should be aware about vitamins tax in Maryland before ordering or changing supplements and vitamins in Maryland, Kensington.


Prenatal vitamins are necessary and most recommended for each pregnant woman. Prenatal vitamins with folic acid, iron and DHA are most recommended because they help to maintain overall balance of all minerals and bloodstream during pregnancy. Women should consult their family doctors or nearest pharmacies to order prenatal vitamins or supplements. They may also consume some prenatal vitamins for hair growth but it is not recommended by all doctors.