Compounding is altering or mixing the existing medications to prepare the customized medication for a specific person. Most of the time, some manufactured medications are only available in some fixed dosage that are not suitable for some specific patient. In that case, a licensed doctor or physician may suggest a customized prescription that is an alternative to that manufactured medication. This customized prescription may have only required dosage of that medication having only the active substances.

If you are already well aware of a compounding pharmacy’s meaning, its definition, purpose and the compounding pharmacy types, you may already know that it is highly advised that you should consult with a certain compounding specialist to compound the prescribed medications referred by licensed health specialists. Furthermore, compounding medications are not FDA approved, so it should only be done by the experts because there is no meaning of having customized mediation, if it is not eradicating all the possible side effects by removing unnecessary inactive substances from a default medication.

Who Can Perform Compounding?

All pharmacists cannot perform compounding. Compounding can only be performed by special pharmacists who are trained enough to know everything about compound medications safety, medication types, a difference between active and inactive ingredients of medications and who are licensed to do it. That’s why, only a few compounding specialists perform compounding in community pharmacies, physicians’ offices, and hospital pharmacies.

What Medications Can Be Compounded?

Types of drugs

Almost all prescribed medications can be compounded because the compounding means the customization of the existing medications for an individual needs. Therefore, every prescription can have an alternative compounded medication to provide a customized solution of that medication focusing on a specific dose and specific form. For example, if a doctor has suggested you a compound prescription, you may ask the compounding pharmacists to make it in liquid, gel or tablet form according to your specific needs. Most of the time, children or pets are allergic to some substances and they don’t like to take medications. They can be given the required active substances in a customized manner mixing within their food and favorite flavors. That’s why, the compounded medications are available in capsules, tablets, gels and flavored syrups as well.

Can You Compound Your Own Medication?

It is not a good idea to compound your own medication unless you are yourself a compounding expert. Compounding medications are not FDA approved but it does not mean that they are not supervised or regulated. There are some certain guidelines about compounding pharmacies and the compounding medications. The compounding pharmacies are controlled or supervised by the Pharmacy Board of Association under the suggested guidelines about safety and hygiene.

According to 503a, compounding should only be done by a licensed pharmacist. Furthermore, it is strictly advised that the pharmacist should be well trained for compounding after having an experience of working in a compounded pharmacy. It’s all about knowledge and experience about dealing with active substances and inactive substances. That’s why only 7500 community pharmacies out of the 56000 are able to provide the compounding services in the US. It is evidence that it is not an easy task to compound medication properly.

Even if you are a compounding expert, still you may need an ample environment to compound your medication properly without any external environmental infringement.

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