Compression stockings are great for improving blood circulation so there would be no blood pooling, clotting or aching during long standing hours and traveling. Many athletes use these compression stockings for improving their performance and to avoid any serious muscle discomforts. There are many types of it, by both men and women, that are used for general and medical purposes. This content is specifically dedicated for the compression stockings for men; however, you should know about all compression stockings types and specific compression socks for women and their required prescription needs etc.

Most Popular Types of Compression Socks for Men

There are many compression stockings for men out there but some are most popular men’s health compression socks due their reliability and effectiveness. When you seek the major need or usability of compression stockings for men, you should know that these compression socks may help them during hiking and other tough physical tasks. Furthermore, they have their own specific health benefits like coping with abnormal blood pressure, lymphedema and gout etc.

Mens Compression Stockings for: Low Blood Pressure

Compression stockings for blood pressure

The most popular compression stockings for men are those which are used to deal with low blood pressure. If a man’s arteries’ push becomes weaker and the required supply of blood is not fulfilled then a person may become faint due to lower blood pressure.
Men’s health compression socks aim to apply an incremental pressure on the lower limbs, so the arteries’ diameter becomes smaller and their push becomes stronger for a while.

Men's Compression Socks for: Hiking

Compression stockings for hiking

Another popular type of men’s compression socks are hiking socks. They are relatively thicker than the normal socks to make legs sweating plus they put a gentle pressure near thighs to improve blood circulation to avoid cramps and to improve muscle recovery. That’s why many hikers buy such special compression stocks before hiking.

Men's Compression Socks for: Plantar Fasciitis

A man is probably having plantar fasciitis when he feels pain in the heels as soon as he wakes up or he stands after a long sitting. It is due to inflammation of the connecting ligament between heel and foot. Some special compression stockings for men are anti-inflammatory and they take care of this plantar fasciitis by correcting alignment by providing necessary support to the ankle; moreover, due to a better blood circulation they are also handy in pain management during plantar fasciitis.

Men's Compression Socks for: Gout

If we talk about men’s health compression socks then we must be aware that there are some compression socks for gout. Gout is a medical condition where a body has a high amount of uric acid and it causes inflammation around the thumb’s toe and man has to feel burning or pain around foot’s toe. Such dedicated compression socks improve the blood circulation around feet and reduce inflammation. These compression socks are good for improving overall oxygen delivery and anti-inflammation; however, you need to find an accurate size of compression socks with optimal pressure for your specific case with the help of a physiotherapist.

Men's Compression Socks for: Large Feet

Usually, men’s feet are much larger than women’s feet and that needs to be considered while buying or recommending compression socks for men. We all know that size and pressure of compression socks are two most important factors to get the best relief from compression socks, so you may not neglect the size of feet before going to buy compression stockings in Kensington Maryland because if you won’t consider it then the normal knee sized socks may become shorter due to larger feet. There are some specific compression socks for large feet in the same length as normal feet. Target them.

Men's Compression Socks for: Lymphedema

Compression stockings for lymphedema

Another important usage of compression stockings is to relieve lymphedema. Lymphedema is a disease where the protein enriched fluid is not properly drained out from the body due to poor lymphatic system and it causes severe inflammation around arms or legs. Furthermore, lymphedema can also cause skin infections and skin breakdown. Compression socks manage the swelling and inflammation caused by the lymphedema and that’s why you must stick to the advised pressure and size of compression socks during lymphedema.

How Many Hours a Day Should You Wear Compression Socks?

It depends on a certain usage of compression socks. On average, if they are prescribed by a physiotherapist or doctor, you should wear them 15-20 hours a day. If they are used for a better physical performance by athletes, then they must wear them during workout. On the other hand, if compression socks are prescribed as a medication for treating a specific condition like low blood pressure, lymphedema, gout and plantar fasciitis, then they must be worn as much as possible. You may wear them off before going to sleep but you should keep wearing them for the whole day. Some compression socks are worn by people who have standing jobs or desk jobs like personal secretary, air hostess or waiter. Such people must wear them during their work hours to improve the blood circulation during their jobs to avoid any blood pooling, blood clotting or an abnormal blood pressure.


Men’s compression stockings are majorly used for the physical workout like hiking but for the old men, compression socks are used in coping with severe chronic medical conditions like abnormal blood pressure and lymphedema. Mostly, the men’s compression socks are slightly oversized due to their larger feet. There are actually some dedicated compression socks for large feet. Always consider the desired pressure, size and feet before purchasing the desired compression socks.