Homeopathic treatment is an alternative treatment to modern medicine that has its own definition, meaning and ideology. The homeopathy treatment is based on a principle of “like cures like”. Homeopaths strongly believe that anything that has caused some illness symptoms in a healthy human body, can also be a cure to a similar symptom if it is taken in a lower dose. The main definition and meaning of homeopathy is that the body can cure itself, if the healing is triggered by the same thing that has caused the illness for a similar symptom.

What Is Homeopathy in Simple Terms?

Homeopathy is an alternative treatment methodology that has some simple beliefs that the body can heal itself, “like cures like” and more dilution of a substance makes it more potent. The homeopaths use only the natural herbs and minerals to stimulate the healing process considering “like cures likes”. For example: If red onion causes symptoms of tears and watering eyes, then red onion can also be a cure to some allergies that make your eyes water as well. So, a substance that causes some symptoms can also be used, in a diluted form, to cure the similar symptoms.

Definition of Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathic medicine

To understand the definition and homeopathic meaning, you should know the origin of the word “homeopathy”. The Word Homeopathy originated from two Greek words “homeos and pathos” meaning “similar” and “suffering”. Homeopathic literally means “similia similibus curentur” that means “let likes be treated by likes”. So whole homeopathic treatment is based on the major principle of “like cures like”. Any substance that causes some illness symptoms can also be used as a cure for the similar symptoms when it is given as a treatment in a diluted form.

What Is Homeopathy and How Does It Work?

Homeopathy is an alternative curing treatment that is based on some established beliefs of ancient Germans regarding the human body. They strongly believed that our body would cure itself and it would require just a triggered healing from the same substance that caused the similar symptoms in a healthy person.

So, whole homeopathy is based on three major principles by the ancient Germans.

  • Body can heal itself.
  • Like cures like.
  • The more we dilute a substance, it becomes more potent to trigger the healing process.

What Does a Homeopathic Doctor Do?

A person who practices homeopathy is called a homeopathic doctor. A homeopathic doctor is supposed to follow the standard rules of homeopathy to trigger the self healing of a body. A Homeopathic doctor aims for the overall betterment of the specific patient. The homeopathic doctors believe that they just don’t cure the illness but they cure the ill one. It means, they take each individual as a separate case and they don’t prescribe the standard dosage to anyone. They just won’t cure the symptoms caused by a disease; instead, they cure all the functions and stimuli that have caused such specific symptoms. So, a good homeopathic doctor is supposed to consider everything before prescribing anything i.e. homeopaths strongly consider your lifestyle, personality and the history of those specific symptoms before prescribing some herbs or homeopathic medicine.

What You Should Know about Homeopathy?

Before considering the homeopathy treatment, you should know everything about homeopathy definition, its literal meaning, its treatment method and the homeopathic medicine. “Homeopathy” is derived  from two Greek words “homeo” and “pathos”. Homeopathy literally means “let likes be treated by likes”. It is an unconventional treatment by ancient Germans and Greek people who firmly believed that any substance that caused some specific symptoms in a healthy person, can also be used to cure the similar symptoms in an ill person. Furthermore, homeopaths are supposed to cure the whole body instead of curing just specific symptoms.

There are three major philosophies of homeopathy: “body can heal itself”, “like cures like” and “more diluted substance becomes more potent to trigger effective healing”. Homeopaths only use the herbs and natural minerals to trigger the body’s healing and they claim that there are not any side effects of homeopathy.

It all seems good till we get to know that homeopathy is not an evident treatment by any of the health authorities. FDA, NHS and all health authorities believe that there is not a certain evidence of the efficacy of homeopathic treatment and its philosophy.


Although, there is not enough evidence of proven trials that recommends the homeopathy’s efficacy;however, there are not any side effects reported as well. Furthermore, the compound medication is also not approved by the FDA and that’s why many people won’t even know the compound pharmacy meaning but it is a better treatment for many of us. In the same manner, thousands of people are still inclined towards homeopathic medicine because homeopathy treatment is done only by natural herbs and minerals, so there won’t be any harmful side effects. Before finding any herbal and homeopathic pharmacy in Kensington MD, you should consult all herbal dispensary searching tips, so you may get the best homeopathic herbal medicine from the best homeopaths.