It is very important to know about transferring prescriptions between pharmacies according to prescription laws in Maryland. You may often need to transfer your prescription from one pharmacy to another because if you are in a distant city and you may have lost your regular medicine, you need to urgently transfer your prescription from your current pharmacy to the nearest one so a newer pharmacy may do a quick prescription filling process to provide you your regular medicine.

Let’s see all about how to transfer a prescription online between pharmacies and how to fill a prescription online availing the discount by the Maryland prescription assistance program. So, you won’t miss your regular mediation anywhere in Maryland.

Can You Transfer Prescription Refills to another Pharmacy?

Yes, in case of emergency, you can always transfer your prescription refills to another pharmacy by providing all the details about your Rx number and the contact details about your current pharmacy. Any registered Rx pharmacy can request to transfer your prescription from your current pharmacy to the newer one providing all the personal details about you and your Rx number.

How to Transfer a Prescription?

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If you really want to transfer your prescription between pharmacies due to any reason, please make sure to follow some recommended checks, so your prescriptions along with all your Rx data may be fully transferred to a newer pharmacy that may provide you quick prescription filling service or some discounts as well as delivering the prescriptions at your doorstep.

1) Choose a Newer Preferred Pharmacy

If you are in a distant city or distant state from your current pharmacy and you want a newer pharmacy to fill your regular prescription for better service, you must choose a local one in that area. You must get in touch with the pharmacy workers via call or you must visit yourself because they may need some personal information from you before sending a prescription transfer request on your behalf.

2) Provide Your Rx Data and Prescription Details

Once you are satisfied with their commitment and quick approach, you must provide them with all your data and the Rx details along with your prescription history. Only then they would be able to forward a transferring prescription request between two pharmacies.

3) Ask Your Preferred Pharmacy to Request an Rx Transfer

Once you have provided them with all the necessary information about your prescription and Rx number, you must ask them to file an official Rx transfer request to your current pharmacy. Once they have sent the transfer request, it takes some time in transferring your prescription between pharmacies after a confirmation of everything from both ends.

How Long Does it Take for a Prescription to Transfer?

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It should take just a couple of hours for a prescription to transfer between pharmacies, if both pharmacies have online compliance and if both are up to date with the latest technology. All the Rx data, personal data and the previous insurance history should be gathered online before transferring a whole prescription to a newer pharmacy. If both pharmacies are not online, then the manual procedure may take 1-2 days.

Can You Transfer a Prescription After it's been Filled?

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If your prescription is fully filled by your current pharmacist, you need to have a newer prescription request from your doctor after going through a checkup. The doctor may need to see your health condition and check if you still need more dosage of the same medication or not. It is a strictly recommended procedure to control the abuse of the controlled drugs. If you have missed or lost your last dosages due to any mishap, you can always complain about the stolen drugs and attach a missing report with your Rx data to have an additional filling. If you have remaining fillings, you can easily transfer it anywhere.


There may be some reasons for the prescription transfer. You may have lost or forgotten your medication during travel to a distant place or you may have found a better pharmacy to provide your medication at a better price. If you want to transfer your prescription from one pharmacy to another, you may need to visit your local pharmacy and ask them to initiate a prescription transfer request to your current pharmacy. You need to provide them all of your personal data along with Rx data to initiate the prescription transferring request. Once your pharmacy receives the transfer request by a newer pharmacy, it checks your prescription filling history and forwards it to your suggested new pharmacy along with your credentials like insurance plans and Rx data with remaining dosages and quantities. Your Rx data is the major element whenever you need to transfer or refill your prescription in Maryland. Always keep your Rx data and card with you in your wallet.