One of the most considered tips for traveling with medicines is to have a complete knowledge about what certain medications are banned in other developed countries like the USA, so you may not have to face any unwanted trouble by the higher authorities like FDA. There are many sedative drugs banned in the USA; moreover, there is a lengthy list of banned medicines in the USA that contains many medicines that are even popular in prgressive countries like India. Furthermore, you also need to have enough knowledge about importing medicines, compounded medications about a specific state of the US in which you are planning to move; otherwise, you may have to face jail or hefty fine because ignorance of the law is not an innocence there. For example, if you are planning to move into Maryland from another country, you need to know everything about Maryland pharmacy laws and prescription laws in Maryland.

Let’s have a quick overview about which medicines and which drugs are banned in the USA.

Which medicine is banned in the USA?

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There are several painkillers, sedatives and medical devices that are often used in the underdeveloped asian countries but they are strictly banned in the USA due to their possible side effects. The FDA is very serious regarding the possible side effects and that’s why, there are many OTC medicines that are also banned that are quite common outside the US. So, take a notebook and note down all the banned OTC medicines, painkillers, drugs and devices that are banned in the USA to avoid any uncomfort.

1) Oxyphenbutazone

Oxyphenbutazone is a drug that is a non-opioid painkiller. It is commonly used as a single drug in many underdeveloped countries like India and Pakistan;however, it is strictly banned in the USA due to its side effects – bone marrow depression and the reduction of blood cells

2) Nimesulide

It is another non-opioid pain killer that is never introduced in the USA due to its certain side effect – liver failure. It was an early suspicion that it may damage the liver of children in particular, so it is restricted only for adults in some countries but it is a completely banned medicine in the USA list.

3) Propoxyphene

This painkiller medicine is also banned in the USA due to its adverse effects to the heart rhythm and electrical activity of the heart.

4) Nitrofurazone

This painkiller medicine is also banned in the USA due to its adverse effects to the heart rhythm and electrical activity of the heart.

5) Nandrolone Decanoate

It is a drug that was used by athletes to build muscles in the past but now its injection is categorized as the schedule III controlled substance and its nonmedical use of AASs is banned in the USA.

Which Drugs are Banned by the FDA?

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There were many drugs that were considered as a serious health threat, so they were recalled by the FDA and they were ultimately banned in the USA. On the other hand, compounding medications and the FDA has always been a mismatch and FDA has not approved them yet.

Following are some of those banned drugs in the USA by the FDA.

1) Valdecoxib

It was an NSAID pain medication that had been in the market from 2001-2005 but this was recalled by the FDA in 2005 because it was causing adverse heart effects including heart attack, and severe serious skin reactions like epidermal necrolysis and erythema multiforme.

2) Pemoline

It was a nerve stimulant drug that was used to treat ADD and ADHD till 2010. It was firstly given a slight warning in 1999, but due to no further improvement, it was finally recalled and now it is among those drugs that are banned in the US.

3) Sibutramine

It was an appetite suppressant drug that was causing serious heart threats to the patients who used to take it, so it was banned by the FDA reviewer Dr. David Graham in the senate hearing of 2004. Now it is a completely banned drug in the USA by the FDA.

4) Troglitazone

It was used as an antidiabetic and anti-inflammatory drug in the span of 1997-2000 but due to its severe adverse effects on liver and heart lead to lawsuits and ultimately a recall by the FDA.

5) Efalizumab

This chemical drug was used to treat psoriasis but it caused progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy in many patients who then had to face inflammation and damage to their central nervous system, so it was recalled in 2009.

Can I bring medicine to USA: Medicines FAQ

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Yes, in general, you can bring your medicine to the USA with a certified prescription but make sure that you are not carrying those medications that are enlisted in a list of banned medicines in the USA or the banned drugs list in the US.


No, it is not banned in America. It has been under review for many years but it is still legal in America but you won’t find it with a name of paracetamol; instead, you have to call it by acetaminophen or APAP.


Aspirin has been banned in the US and UK since 1986 for children and teenagers because it would cause serious threats to heart and blood circulation. Even now, it is advisable by the health authorities that prescribers may take a complete history of patients including their cardiovascular situation before prescribing the aspiring to adults. Contact us for more information.


No, it is openly available in the US and it is commonly advised under the OTC dose limit of FDA. The common brand name of ibuprofen is Advil. You have to ask for Advil to take the ibuprofen in the US with ease.


Yes, several cold medicines including Crocin are banned in the USA because they tend to have more side effects than their quick relief symptoms. It is always advisable that you should not take any cold medicines with you while traveling. In case of cold or coughing, you should visit our store in Kensington, Maryland. We may advise you on a better solution and approved OTC medicine for your coughing.