Compounding pharmacies are just so crucial in promoting the modern medicine culture. There are many compounding pharmacies in the United States that are providing the most customized medications to the customers according to their needs without any possible side effects. If you are still unaware about compounding pharmacy and its purposes, please get yourself knowledgeable about compounding pharmacies, popular compounding pharmacy types and their specific benefits. They are surely the need of the hour.

Compounding pharmacies have been spreading rapidly all over the United states like Maryland, Washington states and New York as well. Some people are still confused about compounded medications safety by FDA but most of the US population is overwhelmed with this compounding medications culture. That’s why, we are going to have a look at all kinds of compounding pharmacies in the United States and we are going to see how many compounding pharmacy types vary from state to state and what are the ratios of Compounding pharmacies in Washington States and New York state.

How Many Compounding Pharmacies are there in the United States?

According to different survey reports, we can safely say that there are more than 7000 compounding pharmacies in the United States and their population ratio varies from state to state but they are doing quite well on their own.

Best Authorized Compounding Pharmacies by State

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If you are looking for the best authorized compounding pharmacies by states in the whole United States, go through this list of most popular yet authorized compounding pharmacies in their relevant states.

Reliant Pharmacy (Connecticut)

You can count on reliability of reliant pharmacy because it is one of the compounding pharmacies in Connecticut that are accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) and USP.

Lauden Pharmacy (California)

If you are living near California and you have been wondering about the best compounding pharmacies by state. You don’t have to worry about other states, but you can simply put your trust in Lauden pharmacy for your compounding medication needs. It has been served well for more than 20 years and it also provides the refill options easily by just ordering it from their mobile app.

College Pharmacy (Colorado)

Don’t miss Colorado state while looking for authorized compounding pharmacies by state in the whole United States. Colorado is yet another important state and College pharmacy has been just living to its standards. For the last 40 years, it’s been a great asset in compounding education plus compounding services in Colorado.

AllCare Pharmacy and Healthcare Services (Georgia)

In the state of Georgia,  Allcare pharmacy has been providing all kinds of care and health care services with its best versatile yet experienced team of compounding professionals. That’s why, they have been providing all kinds of compounding medications along with the patient’s portal and mobile Rx app.

Martin Avenue (Illinois)

It is another PCAB accredited and ACHC accredited compounding pharmacy in Illinois state of the US. If you are living there, you can blindly trust this pharmacy for your compounding needs.

Knowless Wellness Apothecary (Maryland)

It is Maryland’s 1st PCAB accredited compounding pharmacy that can actually fill your every single need related to compounding medications. They also have a unique blend of old fashioned services in a modern way to provide your full satisfaction.

Haldey Pharmaceutical Compounding (NY)

Haldey is a renowned compounding pharmacy in New York state that has been providing almost every kind of medications in the most customized manner. If you are living in New York, Halsey would be a perfect place for you to visit and ask for any possible kind of compounding medications.

Magnolia Pharmacy (Texas)

It is a full service pharmacy and compounding medication center in Texas. It is surely one of the best compounding pharmacies by state, if we just focus on Texas.  Nutrition counseling, compounding medications and the vaccinations are their sheer strength.

RX3 Compounding Pharmacy (Virginia)

It is Virginia’s first nationally accredited compounding pharmacy and that’s why, it has been an industry leader in innovation and quality there for more than 15 years. It has grasped many  local industry awards due to its speciality in nutrition and pharmaceutical grade supplements. Count it for your compounding needs near Virginia.

Union Avenue Compounding Pharmacy (Washington)

Union Avenue is certainly one the finest compounding pharmacies in the Washington States. It has been operational since 1981 and it has been serving well for the community providing authentic and most customized compounding medications.

Can Compounding Pharmacy do Shipping out of State?

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Yes but they have to sign an MOU with FDA committing to certain oversight functions to do shipping out of state. Otherwise, they cannot distribute more than 5% of their products in other states.

Where Can I Find a Compounding Pharmacy Near Me?

You need to search some queries on Google like “best compounding pharmacy near me” or “best online pet compounding pharmacy”, after turning on your location. There would be some top suggestions near you. If you are living near Maryland, Kensington, Bethesda, Chevy Chase and Brookeville, you will get to know about Knowless Wellness.

There is no doubt that Knowless Wellness is the finest compounding pharmacy of Kensington, Bethesda and Brookeville because of its versatile yet best compounding services for men, women, cats, dogs and other animals as well. You can even refill your prescription online in Kensington MD by just calling or mailing to Knowless Wellness.