There has been some recent news regarding a monkeypox outbreak in the USA since 13 May, 2022. This monkeypox spread is reported by 12 state members that are not endemic for monkeypox virus. It is reported that this monkeypox 2022 is spreading between the men via sexual intercourses among men. The initial investigations and surveillance attempts are suggesting that this virus is only spreading via close physical contact with a person with a monkeypox infection.

The death rate from monkeypox in the US has crossed 10 till May 26, where 8 states of the United States are affected from monkeypox including Maryland. Overall, this monkeypox has spreaded all over Europe and North America and more than 200 cases are confirmed and it is suspected that this monkeypox virus has been spreaded over 12 countries so far.

How did Monkeypox Start?

A graphical model of Monkeypox virus

Monkeypox is thought to be found in rodents of Central and North Africa and it is considered that this virus might be traveled into Europe and America from Africa via travelers; however, there is no such solid connection is found so far because it is reported that this monkeypox virus was found in a person who traveled to U.K from Nigeria. A week later, two more cases had been found in London that were completely unrelated to the first one. Thus, the real chain of the virus spread is still unknown but its original studies have described it as a virus that is spread via close physical connections between men.

What does Monkeypox do to the Body?

The most popular monkeypox symptoms are fever, fatigue and muscle aches – just as any other viral infection. Furthermore, this particular monkeypox virus is reported to cause swollen lymph nodes and rashes. Those rashes may appear on the face, genitals, palms and soles of the feet etc.

How is Monkeypox Transmitted?

Just as any other virus, it may be transmitted when a person makes contact with another person, animal or any other material that is contaminated from that particular virus; however, one new discovery is found regarding this particular monkeypox virus – it is reported that this monkeypox virus is spread via sex between two men (MSM). Any physical connection with a person with this virus is a certain way to be infected from this virus.

What is the Mortality Rate of Monkeypox?

It is not as deadly as other hazardous viruses like Corona or Influenza etc. So far, its mortality rate in humans is around 1%-5% and it is reported that most humans recover on their own as the current strain is not as severe as other viruses. Still, you need to prepare for it and you should know all about its prevention and vaccination like can you refill your prescription online or can you compound your own medications because you may need to be quarantined for a few weeks after getting exposed to the monkeypox.

Is Monkeypox in the United States?

Yes! There are several reports claiming that monkeypox has entered the US. There have been around 10 confirmed cases from several states in the United States. Most of the patients have traveled to the United States from other African countries where this virus was already present a few years ago.

What States have the Monkeypox?

It is reported that 8 states of the United States, so far, have at least one confirmed case of the monkeypox virus in this monkeypox outbreak 2022. These 8 states that are affected from monkeypox are Massachusetts, Florida, Utah, Washington, California, Virginia, Maryland and New York. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is continuously investigating and trying to find its actual causes.

Where in Maryland is the Case of Monkeypox

According to the US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, there is one case of monkeypox in Maryland so far, and the affectee of this virus is in Baltimore, MD. The Maryland Department of Health has confirmed that this one person is a returnee from Nigeria.

What are the Symptoms of Monkeypox?

The most popular and common symptoms of the monkeypox are observed the same as other viral infections like fever, headache, muscle ache, back ache, exhaustion and chills. The more significant particular symptoms for this viral monkeypox are  swollen lymph nodes and the rashes.

How do you Treat Monkeypox?

As the symptoms and the causes of monkeypox are the same as the smallpox, so the vaccination of the smallpox can be given to the patient of the monkeypox. It is observed that the monkeypox treatment should also be the same as the smallpox treatment. If the vaccination of smallpox is given within the four days of the monkeypox exposure, then there are 85% chances of quick recovery. You can even customize the smallpox vaccination from any best compounding pharmacy in Maryland for your monkeypox. If, in future, this virus spreads in Maryland, maybe the Maryland Prescription Assistance Program may do something special about it to provide the vaccination to the masses.

Is There a Monkeypox Vaccine?

Monkeypox testing vaccine

The vaccine for smallpox has been found to be efficient against the monkeypox as well. This vaccine is being made available through public health departments. The U.S. has released a monkeypox vaccine from the Strategic National Stockpile to protect high-risk people.


There has been a recent monkeypox outbreak in the US and Europe since 13 May, 2022. Most people who are affected by this monkeypox virus are those who traveled back to the United States from African countries like Nigeria. In Africa, monkeypox virus was already found that was spread from the close interaction of the rodents with humans but now it has traveled all the way into the United States and Europe along with the travelers. There have been more than 10 confirmed cases in the 8 states of the United States and all of them are returnee from Africa. Initial investiations about monkeypox have revealed that this monkeypox virus is spread via sexual ineraction between men to men. The US state has already initiated the vaccination campaign via public health sectors to fight with this monkeypox outbreak. So far, vaccination against smallpox is found efficient enough against this monkeypox and monkeypox is not found the most severe so far because patients may recover on their own as well if they are properly quarantined for a few days. The mortality rate is just 1-5% so far but it may be deadly for those people who have been dealing with some chronic diseases like diabetic symptoms and having lesser immunity.