There are certain types of compounding pharmacies that are operational for making the most customized and targeted audience to help them recover well. To know all the compounding pharmacy types, you must know what the compounding pharmacy is and how it is important and sensitive for any compounding pharmacy providing the compounded medications.

Just to know a little, compounding medications are customized medications that are made in compounding pharmacies according to some certain authentic prescriptions to avoid the overdose or side effects caused by standard medications. So, different types of compounding pharmacy types mean they compound the different types of compounding medications for different audiences.

What are the Most Popular Types of Compounded Pharmacy?

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There are some popular compound medications examples that help us realize the types of compounding in pharmacy. By observing their specific species, we can easily see the most popular compounding pharmacy types around us.

Here are the 5 most popular compounding pharmacy types in the U.S.

1) Pain Management Compounding Pharmacy

pain management written with some pharmacy medicine

In the U.S, most of the population is dealing with chronic pains and they have to take some specific drugs and prescribed medications for pain management. Luckily, there are many licensed compounding pharmacies that make customized prescriptions for dealing with the pain effectively by alleviating the chances of side effects. That’s why pain management compounding pharmacy stands surely on top spot in most popular compounding pharmacy types in the U.S. Pain management compounding pharmacies are making their desired drugs and medications in their desired forms like capsules, creams, gels and ointments to make them better in chronic pain management.

2) Pediatric Compounding Pharmacy

A mother and her child in the pharmacy

Second popular compounding pharmacy is pediatrics compounding pharmacy. It is all about curing the children better with effective care. Children won’t be responsible while taking standard medications for various reasons like specific taste or form and they are most likely missing their suggested standard medications. Pediatric compounding pharmacy makes the most customized medications for the little children in their favorite forms like gummies, troches and lozenges. These compounding pharmacies have full control on the specific dosage for the children, so there won’t be any side effects for the poor souls.

3) Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy

veterinary in a pharmacy

Veterinary compounding pharmacy is nothing but a blessing for poor innocent souls. In the United States, the veterinary compounding pharmacies are becoming popular day by day due to its importance in our society. Our favorite pets, who are reluctant to some certain medications forms or taste, need the compounded medications that are made specifically for them for the convenient usage, in their desired taste, like oral pastes, capsules, gels and powders.

4) Geriatrics Compounding Pharmacy

pretty senior woman is talking to a young pharmacist

Geriatrics compounding pharmacy is arguably the most important type of compounding pharmacy because it provides customized medications to our elderly people who have been giving their all to nourish us. Our limited energy consumption with the growing age is inevitable and that’s the main reason why our elderly people may lose their interest in taking the desired medications. The geriatrics compounding pharmacy is the solution for providing them an overall customized medication having an overall curing dosage instead of multiple standard dosages that are hard to be swallowed in the older age. Furthermore, geriatrics compounding pharmacy provides them most suitable dosages like oral gels, rapid dissolving tablets and suppositories etc.

5) Hormonal Compounding Pharmacy

Written hormone therapy on a paper

Hormonal compounding pharmacies provide customized medications for those people who have to face the rapid hormonal changes. It is normal and evident that a standard medication may cause several different reactions to different people having different hormonal levels. People may get weight loss or weight gain by the same medication as a side effect due to their certain hormonal changes. In another example, people may get dry skin or acne by using the same commercial cream due to their different hormones. That’s why, the hormonal compounding pharmacies provide the most customized prescriptions that won’t cause any side effects because they would be in compliance with their specific hormonal levels. They deal with customized dermatology medications, capsules and vaginal suppositories.

Is Compounding Pharmacy FDA Approved?

Compounding and FDA approval is a longer debate that should be followed in a free time because there are many aspects, reasons and the social principles that create the conflict between both of them. In short, compounding pharmacy is not an FDA approved pharmacy because it may use some controlled drugs or some raw drugs in the full compounding procedure  that won’t be regulated and monitored by FDA all the time. That’s why compounding pharmacies are not FDA approved but they are monitored by the pharmacy association to keep the check and balance of the compounded medications. The Maryland pharmacy association also provides some standard guidelines for the compounded medications. Best compounding pharmacy in Maryland would be that one that obeys the suggested guidelines by the Maryland pharmacy association.