Compression stockings women are the latest revolutionary products that allow all women to have a balance between health and fashion. In this era, where women also play an important role in all of the departments working for hours, compression stocking for women may provide them with a better blood circulation around their legs. Medical compression socks for women have been identified as the best feasible solution to improve the blood circulation by putting a gentle pressure to the legs, so blood may traverse back till the heart.

Are Compression Socks Good for Women?

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Yes, compression stocks are generally a blessing for those working women who have to spend many hours standing or sitting. They may have blood clotted legs and they may have swollen or itchy feet due to lesser blood flow around the legs and feet. Medical compression socks for women are among the best feasible solutions to improve the overall blood flow between the legs and feet, by applying a specific suitable pressure, to maintain a healthy life. That’s why many athletic women prefer to wear the compression stockings for women during their training sessions to pace up the blood circulation.

However, the proper size and the length of the medical socks for women are another important factors to consider before going for women compression stockings – especially the medical compression socks for women.

Let’s see how a particular size and length of women’s socks may affect the overall health or a particular medical condition. The unit of measuring the different types of women stocking providing different levels of pressure is mmHg i.e. millimeters of mercury. Usually the stocking’s have a unique number showcasing their providing pressure on the legs. For example, if compression socks have a label of 15-20mmHG, it means that it may provide 20 units of pressure at the foot and 15 units at the top of the socks. That’s how, there are different ranges of the women’s compression that are used for different purposes or dealing with different medical conditions.

Following are the most common commercial compression stockings for women that can be bought via online pharmacy in Kensington MD.

1) Women’s Compression Socks 15-20mmHg

It is most commonly used for women’s compression socks because it provides a minor pressure to the legs. It lies in the level 1 compression that is considered as an over the counter remedy to avoid the aching and deep veins thrombosis. It helps them to avoid the swelling and the blood clots during travelling or standing jobs. Most doctors and physiotherapists recommend this type of women’s compression socks during pregnancy to avoid the edema.

The other common benefits of wearing the 15-20mmHg compression socks are relieving the tiresome and its usage in post-sclerotherapy treatment to prevent the reappearance of varicose and spider veins.

2) Women’s Compression Socks 20-30mmHg

These socks provide the level 2 compression and are often counted in medical grade class 2 due to its multiple uses and benefits. They treat moderate to severe cases regarding the poor blood circulation among the legs and feet. These medical compression socks for women prevent and relieve the moderate to severe varicose veins; that’s why, they are widely suggested during the pregnancy. They are recommended after the surgery and sclerotherapy treatments. It is effective during the management of active ulcers and manifestation after thrombotic syndrome by relieving the thrombophlebitis. Such women stockings for women are much more efficient while preventing the orthostatic hypotension and economy class syndrome.

Should Women Wear Compression Socks?

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Usually, it is safe to wear compression socks and women should give them a try wearing compression socks, especially those women who work in such jobs where they have to keep standing or sitting for many hours like nursing or deskjobs. Infact, these compression socks may provide them with some important benefits that cannot be overlooked.

Some common benefits that the compression socks may provide to the women are following:

1) Improving Blood Circulation

The compression socks may improve the blood circulation around legs that may lead to a fast recovery after an athletic training session and hectic standing duty hours while nursing.

2) Preventing Blood Clotting and Swelling

They may help women to prevent the possible blood clotting and swelling in their legs or feet by improving the blood flow.

3) Providing Aesthetic Benefits

The compression socks may improve the aesthetics of the legs while preventing the chance of varicose veins by providing quick and healthy blood flow between heart and feet.

Possible Side Effects of Compression Socks

Foot skin disease because of using compression socks

Despite so many benefits of compression socks, there is always room for possible side effects. Normally, the medical compression socks for women won’t have any dangerous effect but if you overuse them or you use the wrong size or length for your legs, you may end up having its negative effects. That;s why it is most important to get the compression socks according to your own size and the pressure limit. Whenever you want to buy compression stockings in Chevy Chase MD, try to go to the best clinic or pharmacy that may provide you the compression stockings for women according to your specific size and the problem to deal with.

The best way to choose a perfect pharmacy to buy the compression stockings is searching the pharmacy services near me on Google and observing the top results while checking their reviews and the services. There you may find a perfect pharmacy to buy most suitable compression stockings after having a detailed measurement and checkup.