Everyone cat lover wants to ensure the health of their cats all the time. If you are a pet lover, you must feed them well and take them to the veterinarian for regular checkups. Nowadays multiple pharmacies are providing compounded medications for the cat to meet specific health needs effectively and safely. These compounded medicines contain inactive ingredients essential to preserving the drug. Keep reading to know all about veterinary compounding and some of the best cat compounded medicines.

What Type of Medication Can Be Compounded for Animal Use?

The same types of medications can be compounded for cats and animals that humans take with some minor specifications for the specific cases.
Below are some of the best kinds of compounded medicines for cats to consider:

Oral Capsules

Cat looking at oral capsules

Oral capsules come in different ingredients to make a new type of medication for cats. These capsules are easy to be swallowed by cats as compared to other medicines.

Compounded Tablets

Veterinarian giving the cat a pill

Compounded tablets come in flavored forms and they are designed to dissolve on the tongue. Furthermore, soft tablets are easier to administer than other treatments.

Flavored Suspensions

Woman giving suspensions to cat

The addition of flavor makes medicines palatable for cats. Some of the flavors for pet medications are fish, banana, peanut butter, chicken and beef.

Transdermal Medication

Using transdermal medication for cat

This specific medication can be compounded by suspending an active ingredient of an existing medication and converting it into cream or gel form. So, it is the best-compounded medication for cats that refuse to take pills.

What Is Compounded Medication for Cats?

Compounded medicines for cats are made in small batches by pharmacists. They mix and measure the ingredients according to the cat’s needs. Pharmacists tailor these medications into different dosages and strengths. One of the benefits of compounded medications is that they can be prepared in various forms. For example: the cats that have difficulty swallowing tablets can be given a liquid suspension. You can also mix these medicines with flavored syrups to make them appealing and easy to take. In Maryland, the compounded medicines are made by considering the Maryland veterinary compounding laws.

Can Famciclovir Be Compounded for Cats?

Famciclovir is an active compounded drug to treat cats suffering from FHV (feline viral rhinotracheitis). Famciclovir is not active itself but it is metabolized to an active form; therefore, it can be the best compounding medicine for the cat and it is very useful to treat cats with clinical diseases.

Compounded Gabapentin for Cats

Compounded gabapentin for cats

Compounded gabapentin for cats is an anticonvulsant that is prescribed to treat chronic pain in cats and other animals. It is used to treat seizure disorders; moreover, Gabapentin helps in treating idiopathic epilepsy and neuropathic origin in cats. You can also use this compounding medicine for cats as an adjunctive to therapy. Gabapentin can be used either by itself or in conjunction with other medications. Dosages may vary depending upon the conditions.

Compounded Methimazole for Cats

Compounded methimazole for cats

Methimazole is a human drug that is useful for the medical management of hyperthyroidism in cats. Nowadays, it is in wide use for the treatment of overactive thyroid. Methimazole has also replaced propylthiouracil because of its fewer side effects. This medication should be monitored for the first three months. You need to measure thyroid hormone and blood counts every two to three weeks. After giving it to your cat, your cat’s thyroid hormone levels can be reduced within three weeks. After the cat is stabilized on Methimazole, you may extend the blood test examination up to six months. To get the fine Methimazole medication, looking for the best pet compounding pharmacy can be an ideal option.

Does Methimazole Come in Liquid Form for Cats?

Methimazole is administered by mouth as a compounded oral liquid or in the form of an oral tablet. Furthermore, Methimazole transdermal gel for cats is also available and you can apply it on the hairless skin of cats. The effects of medications can be noted after days to weeks and sometimes effects are not visible. You can give Methimazole liquid suspension with food or with an empty stomach; however, if your cat acts sick after medication without food then give it a small treat. Always follow the directions on the label for Methimazole in liquid form. You can give this medication to cats for life as it is helpful to manage hyperthyroidism.

How Long Can a Cat Live on Methimazole?

On average, a cat can live from two to five years using Methimazole but the exact estimation may vary due to different facts. Young cats are diagnosed earlier with disease and they can live a longer life than older cats. Cats with diseases like diabetes, heart and kidney disease can be treated with Methimazole to extend their life period. According to a study, about 170 cats are treated with Methimazole and it is concluded that they can survive on this dosage.

Compounded Prednisolone for Cats

Compounded prednisolone for cats

Compounded prednisolone for cats is one of the over-the-counter pet meds. It is an adrenocortical steroid that can be used to reduce inflammation in cats. It is available in the form of injectable solution and eye drops. This medicine is widely prescribed by veterinarians; however, if your cat is suffering from an allergy, avoid using this medication. Furthermore, if you use it for an extended period, it can cause fungal and bacterial infections. Avoid discontinuing medicine suddenly as it can cause adverse effects.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, the use of compounded medications for cats is becoming common. Veterinary compounding pharmacies are designed to tailor medications for cats. They combine injectable and oral medicines to make it easy to treat animals. You can look for the best veterinary compounding pharmacy in Maryland to buy compounding medicine for cats. You can also go with the flavored medication to make the taste better. Thus, always ensure to choose effective and safe products to treat your cats.