Prescription filling is a sensitive process that needs time and precautions to do everything well. A complete pharmacy prescription process includes verifying the authenticity of a prescription, translating the prescription, entering the patient’s data into the records, consulting the patient, health advisor and the health insurer about payment methods and then finally filling a prescription. Refilling prescription can be done with quite ease via phone or certain reminder until your current refill quota is expired or your whole prescription is expired. In those cases, you need to have a recent medical checkup by the same GP who recommended you a certain prescription. Otherwise, just have a medical checkup from a newer doctor and have a new prescription for the next time according to the latest health conditions.

How long does it take for a Prescription to Reach the Pharmacy?

In this digital world, some casual prescriptions for the short term consumption are sent electronically to the suggested pharmacies by the prescribers. So, it may take just a couple of minutes to reach the pharmacy. It is a preferred method by the tele-medication health advisors or virtual doctors who check their patients via video call. They instantly send the suggested prescription via mail, call or audio message to a certain pharmacy. On the other hand, some physical checkups result in a written prescription on paper, so it needs to be reached to a certain pharmacy by hand. It may take 1-2 days to reach a certain suggested or preferred pharmacy by the patient itself or a patient’s relative.

Why does it Take so Long to Refill a Prescription?

Refilling a prescription demands some additional checks to maintain a healthy balance between the patient’s insurance and the patient’s needs. According to prescription laws in Maryland, the refill prescription request is addressed only after consulting the certain health advisor. The GP needs to check whether the patient still needs to have this medication or not. Furthermore, some certain health insurance check barriers prolong the refilling prescription process. Possibility of getting a prescription refill online depends on the available free refilling in a certain health insurance plan and the validation of a certain prescription to make sure that it is not expired or overdosed.

How Long Does it Take to Fill a Prescription at Knowles Wellness?

Refilling prescription at pharmacy

When a certain prescription is received at a Knowless Wellness, it requires only 15-30 minutes to fill a prescription at Knowless Wellness. Knowless Wellness is a digitally equipped online pharmacy and it only needs a few minutes to take care of all the required steps like prescription translation, prescription validation, entering the patient’s data, contacting the health insurer and the prescriber to authenticate a valid prescription filling.

How do I Know if my Prescription is ready at Knowles Wellness?

It is so simple. Once your prescription is received at Knowless Wellness, if it only contains the basic short-term medications like anti-biotic or other OTC medications, they are always in stock and they are always available in the inventory of Knowless Wellness, so it should be ready within a few minutes. If your prescription may contain some controlled drugs then the process is a little complicated because the prescription needs to be authenticated and checked for its validity via consulting with the health advisors. Furthermore, your certain prescription filling quota by the Maryland Prescription Assistance Program is also checked before filling your prescription and making it ready to be delivered. You just need to walk through our physical outlet or just leave an inquiry to know about the current status of your certain prescription. Our front staff is always there to help you anytime.


Prescription filling is a process of validating the prescription, finding the specific medications, checking the records of a certain Rx number in a state funded Maryland prescription assistance program and filling the prescription against a certain prescription request. It only requires 15-30 minutes to do a normal prescription filling in Maryland by an online pharmacy like Knowless Wellness. If you want a refill prescription online in Maryland, Kensington, the status of remaining refills in your quota by the health insurance provider plus a recent approval by your GP is required to make sure whether you are in actual need of the certain drugs or it would be just a drug-abuse. So, a refill prescription request may take an hour for an online pharmacy to check multiple constraints before finally refilling a prescription. In some special scenarios where the previous medication is lost or theft, you need some additional steps to do like providing a lost medication report and a certain suggestion by your GP and health insurance provider to make an additional refill beyond your normal quota. Only a certified online pharmacy like Knowless Wellness can assure you the quickest refill because it is digitally connected with every department and GPs.