Online pharmacies are really a great help in this era especially after the covid breakdown. We can simply order our regular prescriptions online and the medication is delivered at our doorstep; however, there is a massive concern regarding online pharmacy safety in the society and many online sellers are not approved or registered as pharmacists but they are still selling some OTC medicines and the drugs. FDA has released several warning signs regarding checking an online pharmacy authentication. By following those warnings, you can easily identify a difference between a legit online pharmacy and a fraudulent one.

How Do You Know if a Pharmacy is Legit?

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There are several checks that clearly suggest that a certain pharmacy is legit or not. Some of the famous checks issued by FDA to give warning about a fake online pharmacy are listed below.

  • If a pharmacy is not licensed with a state board of pharmacy, it is not legal.
  • If a pharmacy is not having an appropriate licensed pharmacist, it is not legal one.
  • If a pharmacy is offering too many discounts than others and even offering the banned medicines in the USA, it is surely not a legit one.
  • If a pharmacy won’t demand an authentic prescription by the doctor for the controlled substances, you should understand that something is fishy about it.
  • If you have ordered something online from a certain pharmacy and the packaging of your medication is either different, absurd or broken. You should immediately return it considering it fake.

How Do You Find a Safe Online Pharmacy?

Before ordering from any online pharmacy, please consider following these simple checks to ensure the safety of an online pharmacy.

  • Check their website and the listed health workers. Check their profiles to ensure they are licensed and registered with your state board of pharmacy.
  • Find out how they are sourcing their medications to be sure about their legit stakeholders.
  • Find out their pricing and shipping methods and check if they accept any prescribed discounts or special coverage like Rx or medicaid.
  • Try asking them about a certain drug to check whether they demand a doctor’s prescription or not. If they are asking for it, the pharmacy is safe.
  • Any safe online pharmacy would never demand or share your personal data without your consent. If any pharmacist or a technician is doing so, be alert – they are not safe and legal.

How to Get Medicines Safely Online?

Before ordering any medicine online from any pharmacy, make sure that it is legal and registered with your state board of pharmacy. Kindly make sure to know and follow all the warning signs recommended by the FDA regarding online pharmacy.

This should be your ideal procedure to get medicines safely online.

  • First of all, you need to check that a certain online pharmacy is run by a licensed pharmacist. Go to the website and check its affiliated pharmacists and their profile.
  • Secondly, you should check if that certain pharmacy is registered with the National Association Board of Pharmacy. A legit online pharmacy would have displayed their certificate on their website.
  • Check the contact page of the website and see if there is a physical address and phone number displayed there or not. Check that address on Google map and try to check that number as well.
  • Try to ask them a few questions about their service via call or chat to make sure if any authentic pharmacist is there to give suggestions about your certain health condition.
  • After getting everything done, try ordering your whole prescription without an e-prescription. Let them demand an e-prescription from you having controlled drugs. If they don’t demand it. You must be alert about their illegality.
  • If they follow a strict standard procedure to fill your prescriptions, you should be relaxed and comfortably process to checkout.

How Knowles Wellness Provides Safe Online Services for you?

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