Seasonal Depression that is often named as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a kind of depression that is triggered with the seasonal change. People having SAD usually remain sad or nostalgic in the winter or fall seasons. The seasonal depression symptoms also include some of the ADHD symptoms in adults like feeling distracted, low and hopeless. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know much about it and we don’t consider it as a major problem. Some people think that such hormonal problems should be treated with supplements like it is always better to get the best supplements to help with PMS.

This detailed guide consists of seasonal depression definition, meaning, symptoms, causes and tips that may help you to overcome seasonal depression. Keep reading.

What Is Seasonal Depression?

Seasonal depression is a specific depression that is triggered by the seasonal changes. It is also called the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that is a specific kind of depression that is only caused in some specific seasons – mostly winters. If we talk about seasonal depression causes then there are not any certified physical causes but it is anticipated that the low amount of sunlight absorption may be the major cause because most people have it in the winter. It is suggested that you may face low sunlight in winters and this may drop the level of some hormones like serotonin and melatonin that cause mood swings in winters.

How Common Is Seasonal Depression?

Depression distribution in US infographic

Around 3.5% of Americans are having the seasonal affective disorder (SAD). According to seasonal depression definition and its meaning, these people may feel low during some specific season every year. Among these affectees, most people are affected by SAD in winters or fall seasons.

When Does Seasonal Depression Start?

Usually it starts in the winter season or fall season but some people may face it in the summer season. One thing is for sure that a single person having SAD is going to face the seasonal depression symptoms in the same season every year.

Most Popular Symptoms of Seasonal Depression

Here are some of the most popular seasonal depression symptoms. Please see a doctor if you may face some of these symptoms especially in winters.


Woman is not paying attention to talker

One of the most popular symptoms of seasonal depression is distraction. The patient may feel distracted all the time and he/she won’t be able to focus on anything.

Feeling Low

Battery losing charge

The patient may feel low all the time during the whole day. No matter how much you sleep in winters, if you are having seasonal depression then you won’t be refreshen or energized as much as you should be refreshed after the sleep.


Young man suffering fron anxiety

The patient may remain anxious about everything related to its family, career or future.


Young man feeling sleepy in morning

You may feel drowsiness all the time if you have the seasonal affective disorder (SAD). You may oversleep and be overtired in that particular season.

Feeling Hopeless

Thinking negatively

You may sound hopeless during the particular SAD season because your hormone level is imbalanced.

Mood Swings

A woman's sad and happy moods

One of the causes of seasonal depression is bipolar disorder, so mood swings is surely among the most popular seasonal affective disorder (SAD) symptoms.

Suicidal Instincts

Suicide by hanging

The most dangerous symptom of seasonal depression is the suicidal instint in a specific season of a year. Everyone who has this symptom needs a seasonal depression help ASAP.

How Long Does Seasonal Depression Last?

According to seasonal depression meaning, the seasonal depression is supposed to last a whole season whether it is summer or fall season. If the patient is not treated, it may automatically end in the next season. For example, if a person has seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in the winters, he/she may have to face it through the whole winter season if he/she goes untreated.

How to Avoid Seasonal Depression?

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If you want seasonal depression help and some seasonal depression tips to avoid the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) symptoms, take note of the following seasonal depression tips.

  • Make sure to do a regular workout to burn some calories and don’t forget the nutritional supplements importance while working out.
  • Make sure to stick with a regular sleep cycle.
  • Make sure to stick with your normal diet, don’t be tempted towards increased appetite and don’t compromise on less appetite.
  • Make sure to be grateful for different reasons, especially having multiple seasons to cherish a seasonal overhaul in every new season.
  • Make sure to stick with your hobbies.

What Helps with Seasonal Depression?

If you need some seasonal depression help, remember the following tips to get over it.

  • First of all, you should consult with your doctor.
  • You should enjoy nature and be grateful for everything you have.
  • Try light therapy as most people anticipate a direct relation between seasonal depression and low sunlight.
  • Alternatively, you may use some dawn simulators to wake you up by gradually increasing the light.
  • Maintain social activities to avoid loneliness.
  • Try some antidepressants to avoid some of the seasonal depression symptoms after buying from some authentic neurological supplements online store but don’t forget to consult a specialist before taking antidepressants.