Supplements for collagen production may help boost our body’s collagen production. If you are in your mid-30s, consider the best collagen supplements with all 5 types because these supplements may help you look younger. Collagen is a vitamin that is found everywhere in the whole body. It’s everywhere: skin, bones, teeth, joints, ligaments, and tendons. That’s why it is among those important vitamins that keep us young and healthy. The collagen production in our body reduces with growing age, and that’s why some old age symptoms like wrinkles, weak bones, and grayish hair appear. We can cope with the aging problem with supplements with collagen that may assist collagen production as well, and that’s why collagen supplements can also be considered the best vitamins for hair growth, the best supplements for weight loss, and all other anti-aging mechanisms.

This detailed guide will cover everything regarding supplements for collagen and elastin with all 5 types of collagen supplements and the additional benefits of collagen supplements with vitamin C. Keep reading.

Where Do Collagen Supplements Come From?

The production of supplements for collagen involves deriving collagen from cows, chickens, pigs, and fish. Collagen is extracted from the connective tissues and bones of these animals. The most popular collagen and elastin supplements are extracted from cows, fish, or pigs. There are many living sources of collagen, and they all have specific properties and pros/cons.

Is it Good to Take Collagen as a Supplement?

portrait of woman with capsule supplement

Yes! It is beneficial to take collagen as a supplement because collagen is among our body’s most popular and important vitamins. It is found everywhere, e.g., hair, skin, tissues, ligaments, bones, and teeth. So, it may assist in several body functions like hair growth, anti-aging, reducing weight, and keeping the brain sharp. Thus, you can take collagen supplements with all 5 types to assist your body’s functioning in your mid-30s. All those supplements for collagen and elastin are just as good for your body as vitamin D to boost health.

Which Collagen Supplement Is Most Effective?

All collagen supplements are effective and good with their respective duties; however, if you need the most effective collagen supplement for you then you need to think about it in a prospective manner. Learn all about all collagen supplements with all 5 types, check their specific benefits and then decide which particular collagen supplement with elastin or vitamin c is most effective for you.
Following are some of the most popular and highly rated collagen supplements that you should look at before buying any of them.

Vital Proteins

Careof Collagen

Vital Proteins is among the most popular and highly rated supplements for collagen and elastin because it specifically enhances skin elasticity and hydration to improve skin aesthetics. Furthermore, it also contains hyaluronic acid and probiotics that work as catalysts during skin repair, wound healing, and skin regeneration.

Care/of Collagen

Careof Collagen

The Care/of Collagen is yet another branded name among the popular supplements for collagen production. This supplement typically improves the elasticity and hydration in your skin to keep your skin refreshed. It is mostly made from collagen derived from bovine(cows), and the most special thing about Care/of is its ability to be blended with coffee, tea, and smoothies; you can easily consume this supplement with your regular diet.

Thorne Collagen Plus

Thorne Collagen Plus

Nicotinamide riboside is also mixed with collagen during the supplements for collagen production. So, it can support multiple health functions like hair growth, skin repair, and nail repair. It also assists in coenzyme production to promote healthy aging and cellular repairing.

Klean Collagen+C Powder

Klean Collagen+C Powder

It is among the very credible collagen supplements with vitamin C. Its collagen is extracted from bovine, and its vitamin C is extracted from organic amla. It can also be dedicated to athletes because it is NSF certified for sports. It has a higher dosage of collagen per serving, so it is hydrolyzed to increase its absorption.

HUM Nutrition Collagen Love

HUM Nutrition Collagen Love is often considered among the best collagen supplements with vitamin C because the specific collagen used in it is extracted from grass-fed bovine, so there are no harmful side effects. Besides having good collagen, it also includes hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, seeds, and fruit extracts to support skin health.

Is It OK to Take Collagen Every Day?

Yes! It is completely fine to take collagen every day because collagen is a vitamin that is found everywhere in our body, and we need to stimulate its production with the help of supplements regularly to maintain our youthful skin; however, it is highly recommended that you must strictly follow the specific dosage of your collagen supplements.


Collagen supplements, along with vitamin C and elastin, are helpful in the anti-aging process, and they are generally safe to be consumed in their specific dosages; however, you must see a nutritionist or professional doctor to discuss these vitamins and supplements in Maryland to know your body’s exact requirement.