Traditional medicine vs modern medicine has been a continuous debate for many decades. Since the invention of modern medicine, many people have not been ready to admit it as they have been listening and preaching the traditional medicine and its holistic methods using natural herbs and religious beliefs and all that. Infact, they have been using the same herbs for all kinds of symptoms, diseases and infections. For example, they have been using the herbs to cure the toothache for once and they have been using the high blood pressure herbal medicines having the same herbs again.

On the other hand, few people have always been in favor of modern medicine because it has always been supported by practical examples, tests and scientific methods. They have been stating a strong statement, in traditional medicine vs alternative medicine debate, that modern medicine or alternative medicine can be tested, upgraded and prevents the upcoming disease if it is given in an appropriate quantity.
Let’s dig into a deep analysis of traditional medicine vs alternative medicine / modern medicine.

What Is Traditional Medicine?

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Traditional medicine is a medicine that has been used for the treatment for decades using specific theories, beliefs, knowledge, skill, and cultural traditions. WHO has stated it in a very detailed way. According to WHO, traditional medicine is the sum total of the knowledge, skill, and practices based on the theories, beliefs, and experiences indigenous to different cultures, whether explicable or not, used in the maintenance of health, as well as in the prevention, diagnosis, improvement or treatment of physical and mental illness.

The examples of traditional medicines are Ayurvedic treatment by Asians, Homeopathy by Germans, Kampo medicine from Japanese and Naturopathy from Europeans. There are some rare traditional pharmacies nowadays as compared to the modern ones. You should potentially check and visit a trusted traditional pharmacy in Kensington MD before buying any traditional medicine in this era.

What Is Modern Medicine?

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Modern medicine is also called the alternative medicine because it was established as an alternative to the traditional medicine ways and beliefs. Modern medicine was invented to have standardized medicines after testing some specific medicines for some specific patients having some specific symptoms. It has been developing over the years after calculating and recording the data by practicing them on real time patients and now we eventually have a huge database of alternative medicine that has a predefined set of symptoms and its medicines along with the dosages to provide an instant relief. Furthermore, it is not just about tablets and syrups. There have been developed some modern physical therapies after years of practice and calculation. For example, Acupuncture,Chiropractic and other energy boosting therapies have been invented after years of progression from traditional to modern medicine.

What Is the Difference between Traditional and Modern Medicine?

The major difference between a modern medicine vs alternative medicine is their specifications and the pre sets of dosage for some standard symptoms. alternative medicine provides us our desired medications in our required dose instantly while traditional medicine requires hit and trial plus it is a passive treatment with no assurance of the effectiveness. Alternative medicines may seem more effective but they may have some side effects too due to their fixed dosage quantities and a specific chemical formula while traditional medicines seem to have zero side effects because they won’t have any chemical interaction and they are purely made from herbs.

Advantages of Traditional Medicines

Traditional medicines have almost no side effects and they are proven enough because they have been advised from many generations and they have been quite efficient. Furthermore, traditional medicines are made from herbs and natural practices that won’t just cure the specific symptom but they make a whole body in its healthy condition. So, traditional medicine is a passive or limited treatment but it provides an error free treatment for those symptoms without any side effects.

Advantages of Modern Medicines

Modern medicine has been scientifically proven along with the results of real tests, hypotheses and not just from the theories. alternative medicine provides quick relief from the specific symptoms because they only target that area with the proven chemical formulas. Furthermore, modern medicine has grown up so far that it can cure many identified problems plus it can actually prevent many deadly viral infections or the possible genetic diseases as well.

Is Traditional Medicine More Effective than Modern Ones?

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Nope. Traditional medicine is just preferred by someone having strong religious or cultural beliefs on some traditions of their ancestors but in reality, alternative medicine is surely more effective than traditional one because it has been developed after practicing on real patients with specific symptoms and there were studies where several patients were monitored against a similar medicine. That’s how the exact doses of alternative medicines are developed. Furthermore, diagnosis and checkups in alternative medicines are more specific and accurate, so we can actually get a quick and accurate cure against some specific symptoms with the help of modern medicine. If there would be any side effects, we would also know the specific medicines to counter the side effects. You can easily find the best pharmacy in Kensington, Bethesda and nearby while it is hard to find some of the best traditional pharmacies everywhere.