During this covid era, everyone seems cautious about the covid tests and vaccination to stay refrain from any kind of covid infection. If you are not vaccinated or not but you travel a lot or work in an open environment, you should make yourself tested against covid via PCR test. PCR is the most common covid test in Maryland. A PCR test can be executed with results on the same day in Maryland. There are many covid test locations in Maryland that you need to know about. Read this complete guide and get all the answers about “PCR test near me”.

Is PCR Testing Free in Maryland?

Yes, PCR testing is completely free in Maryland. It is being supervised by the Maryland department of health that has been providing many free programs, like Maryland prescription assistance program, for the better health of Maryland citizens.

The Maryland department of health is taking care of everything to provide the citizens of Maryland safe from this coronavirus. There are so many covid test maryland locations listed on the website of MDH.

Free at-home COVID Test Maryland

Corona virus home test kit and booklet

Now you can get a free at-home covid test in Maryland easily. The Maryland department of health (MDH) has provided free test kits near your area. If you live in Maryland, you can find many such PCR testing locations around different cities of Maryland by just making a simple query on Google – PCR tests near me.

You can also check all the specific nearest PCR covid testing locations by exploring the webpages of your local departments of health. There you may find all the locations near you from where you can get yourself tested against coronavirus or you may reserve your free ar-home covid test kit.

Covid-19 Test Locations in Maryland

Covid-19 testing checklist

There are many PCR covid-19 testing locations in all over Maryland. Every local health department is doing well providing free PCR tests to the surrounding people. If you want to know the exact location to have PCR test near you, you can simply go to your local health department website or in general, you muy find all testing sites on the website of Maryland Department of health. You can filter out the testing sites based on types of testing and pediatric testing etc. Place your city, place or zip code in the search bar and opt for all testing locations in Maryland or just the pediatric ones. You may choose any of the testing sites from the search results.

Following are the popular 5 PCR testing locations, around popular cities of Maryland, for covid in Maryland.

Annapolis Annex

It is situated at the corner of Calvert and Bladen streets from where you can get free PCR testing in Maryland from Sunday to Friday between 8am-2pm.

State Center COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Site (Baltimore)

If you live around Baltimore, you can opt for this PCR testing site. You have to visit there in the first shift as its schedule for the weekdays is between 8 am-3:30pm. It is an absolutely free testing location funded by Maryland state. You may also have a special pediatric testing service as well.

Jivana Care (Bethesda)

Jivana care is providing the free covid-19 testing service on the same day as there is no appointment required. They provide antibody testing, antigen testing, molecular and PCR testing as well. If you live near Bethesda MD, you may visit the Jivana care where the quick covid test service is provided free of cost. The timings of Jivana care are 8am-5pm from Monday to Friday.

Upcounty Regional Service Center (Germantown)

It is another free PCR covid testing location from where you can get yourself tested against coronavirus in Maryland. It is specially suitable for those Maryland citizens who live near Germantown. It is operational for the whole week from 9am-6pm. It is among those special coivd-19 testing locations that provide the pediatric testing as well for your beloved children.

Dennis Avenue Health Center (Silver Spring)

It provides a free PCR testing from Monday to Sunday 9am-6pm. If you are from Silver Spring, this Maryland PCR testing center would be most feasible for you. You can even take your children with you there because they also provide pediatric covid testing as well.

CVS (Waldorf)

CVS is a free PCR testing center in Maryland near Waldorf city. They offer free PCR testing but due to the excessive amount of potential cases, it is always recommended that you must book an appointment prior to going for covid-testing.



There are so many other PCR testing locations where you can get yourself tested free of cost. Some providers are even providing drive thru services as well. The government of Maryland is doing an exceptional job in fighting against the covid. You can check all the PCR testing locations from the website where you can not just find the nearest testing site around you but you can also find all kinds of covid testing available in Maryland.