Flu is a viral disease that may cause a runny nose, cough, sneezing and fever as well. It cannot be treated with antibiotics because it is caused by viruses. After having a flu, you may not even do your casual work due to a runny nose and continuous sneezing. It is recommended to have it cured as soon as possible; otherwise, it won’t even allow you to eat, drink or sleep properly. There have been many traditional medicines and home remedies for this but now due to advancement in modern medicines, we have many OTC medications for the flu; however, traditional vs modern medicine debate is still on while curing flu. As we know, cold flu is a contagious viral infection, so many of the home remedies like salted water and herbal tea with some excessive hygiene lookafter may give you best results but OTC medicines are way more effective dealing with the associated muscle fatigue, fever and headache while dealing with the flu.

In this particular guide, we are sticking with just modern medicine, especially the over-the-counter flu medicines that should be taken in the early symptoms of the flu. Maryland pharmacy laws won’t allow controlled drugs or any OTC medication that may cure the flu along with some probable side effects. That’s why some famous flu medicines are now included in the list of banned medicines in the USA because they were causing more side effects than benefits.

Which Flu Medicines Are Best?

There are some best flu medicines over the counter that may provide some quick relief from flu; however, some of them are suggested for a specific section of people considering their age and the immune system. Some of the most popular OTC flu medicines are Acetaminophen, Diphenhydramine, Pseudoephydrine, Tamiflu,Xofluza, Relenza and Repivab etc.


Following are among the most common and best cold and flu medicines available as over-the- counter.

Acetaminophen (Tylenol)

Photo of acetaminophen (tylenol) tablets

It is the most popular name whenever we talk about the best cold and flu medicine over the counter. Tylenol is often used to relieve cold or flu symptoms. It may help you recover from fever and pain as well; however, it should not be taken regularly because it may damage your liver if you take it more than 2 grams per day.


Photo of Tamiflu yellow and white tablets

Tamiflu is a FDA approved OTC medication to deal with flu. It may be consumed as a pill or liquid by a minimum 14 years old person. The possible side effects may be nausea and vomiting.


Xofluza medicinal photo

Xofluza is a FDA approved dose for people of 12+ years old. It is among the best flu medicines over the counter with minimal side effects of headache, coughing, nausea and diarrhea.


Relenza Medicinal Photo

Relenza is a flu and cold medicine that is inhaled as a powder and it is approved by FDA to give to even 7 years old children as well. Some possible side effects of Relenza are swollen sinuses, diarrhea and nausea.


Rapivab Medicinal Photo

Rapivab may also count as the best medicine for flu and cold as it is an approved medicine. It is normally given to little children of 2 years old via intravenous (IV) infusion.


Benadryl Medicinal Photo

Benadryl is very effective against a runny nose. It does well drying out your nose but it can make you sleepy for sometime.


Photo of Lozenges tablets

If you are facing a sore throat after getting caught by flu, try the lozenges as the best medicine for flu in your case. If you can’t find it or any other alternative like analgesics, you may try to gargle with warm salted water.


If you have a routine flu due to a cold, you may just use any of these OTC medicines according to the suggested age limit. Now the flu seems more dangerous than ever because there has been an extra threat of a coronavirus, so now you should be concerned about flu very seriously. Many flu symptoms are exactly the same as the symptoms of covid positive like sneezing, tiredness, fever, loss of taste and blocked nose. Therefore, if you have caught a flu in recent days, you should also be tested for covid from any of the nearest PCR test locations in Maryland.

What Cures a Flu Quickly?

Apart from the OTC medicines, there are some home remedies and the suggestions to be cured from flu quickly. Let’s have a look at all those suggestions.


  • In this covid era, stay home and don’t let your flu get worse by going outside.
  • Get a proper bed rest and stay hydrated all the time.
  • Try some OTC medicines for aches and fever.
  • Take some OTC medication like Mucofen for the temporary coughing.
  • Have a steamy bath.
  • Try some nasal steroids or sprays to cope with blocked nose.

Can you have a Cold with Covid?

Picture of a woman who has a cold

Both cold and the covid are viral diseases and Covid-19 may have some common symptoms with the cold like tiredness, sneezing, sore throat, runny nose and loss of taste. Usually, cold does not appear to be directly linked with covid because its symptoms appear and disappear quickly while the covid symptoms may appear later and last for 14-30 days. So, it is always suggested that you should not take chances with a cold and if you are not recovering from a runny nose, sneezing or fever due to cold – try to have a quick PCR covid test too.